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Student Employment

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Student Employment. What We Will Cover. Advantages of On-Campus Employment Rules Finding On-Campus Employment. Advantages of On-Campus Employment. Variety of opportunities Flexible scheduling Departments understand students are here for academics first

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Student Employment

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what we will cover
What We Will Cover

Advantages of On-Campus Employment


Finding On-Campus Employment

advantages of on campus employment
Advantages of On-Campus Employment

Variety of opportunities

Flexible scheduling

Departments understand students are here for academics first

Ability to work with NIU Faculty and Staff

Most positions do not require you to have your own transportation

Meet new people and get involved on campus

Student Career Success

human resource business units
Human Resource Business Units
  • Faculty
  • Supportive Professional Staff
  • Civil Service
  • Extra Help
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Student Employees
student employment statistics
Student Employment Statistics
  • Annual Number of Student Positions Filled
    • Over 3,000
  • Current number of students utilizing online system
    • Over 6,000
how to find an on campus job1
How to find an on-campus job?
  • Student Employment Online System!!!
  • Department Bulletin Boards
  • Department Website
  • Northern Star
student employment online system
Student Employment Online System
  • The Student Employment Online System brings students that are seeking a job and departments that are seeking student employees together easily and efficiently.

student employment online system1
Student EmploymentOnline System


  • Large applicant pool
    • Over 6,000 student applications online!
  • Students frequently visit HRS website for Job Postings.
  • Directs employment inquiries in a more efficient manner.
  • Clarifies when departments are hiring.
  • Enables departments to search applicant pool for specific criteria.
eligibility for student employment fall and spring semester
Eligibility for Student EmploymentFall and Spring Semester
  • To be eligible for student employment, during the fall and spring semesters, an international student must in accordance with federal regulations:
    • Undergraduate
      • Be enrolled for 12 or more hours or obtain an under load permit
      • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0
    • Graduate
      • Be enrolled for 9 or more hours or obtain an under load permit
      • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
eligibility for student employment summer semester
Eligibility for Student EmploymentSummer Semester
  • To be eligible for student employment during the summer semester you must:
    • Be enrolled for at least 3 credit hours for the summer semester; or
    • Have been enrolled during the spring semester for 6 or more hours; or
    • Have an intent to be enrolled for the fall semester
students not meeting eligibility requirements
Students not meeting eligibility requirements

GPA Requirement

  • If a student does not meet the GPA requirement, they are considered to be on academic probation for the purposes of employment and will need to complete an academic probation permit and have it signed by their advising dean.
work hours fall spring semester
Work hoursFall & Spring Semester
  • Students meeting the minimum eligibility requirements may work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semester.
    • During academic breaks students can work up to 37.5 hours per week
    • Undergraduate students with less than the 2.0 GPA and graduate students with less than the 3.0 GPA are limited to the maximum number of hours specified on their academic probation permits.
work hours summer semester
Work hoursSummer Semester
  • Students taking at least three credit hours are subject to the 20 hour rule.
  • Students who are not enrolled and meet the summer eligibility requirements can work up to 37.5 hours per week.

Students are not permitted to work overtime

required forms new hire
Required Forms – New Hire
  • PAF
  • Personal Data Form (PDF)
  • I-9 and Supporting Documents
  • Foreign National Identification Form (FNIF)
  • W-4
contact information
Contact Information
  • Student Employment
    • Swen Parson Hall 232
    • Phone: 815-753-1394 or 815-753-5907
    • Email:
    • Noor Harrison : 815-753-6373