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Student Employment Services

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Student Employment Services. Employer Information Session – JuNE , 2010. Student Eligibility – Work-Study. Work-Study Verification Students can send email or print work-study confirmation. Reminder - Confirm Work-Study award each year.

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Student Employment Services

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student employment services

Student Employment Services

Employer Information Session – JuNE, 2010

student eligibility work study
Student Eligibility – Work-Study
  • Work-Study Verification
    • Students can send email or print work-study confirmation.
  • Reminder - Confirm Work-Study award each year.
    • Assignments stay active from year to year, so be sure to verify student’s award each year
    • Obtain verification from student prior to beginning work.
    • Monitor on work-study earnings report.
    • Check with Student Employment
student eligibility
Student Eligibility
  • Enrollment Requirements
    • Registered at CSU by Census each Semester
    • Work-Study
      • Undergrad– Minimum of 6 R.I. credits
      • Grad – Minimum of 5 R.I. credits
    • Student Hourly = 1 R.I. credit or cont. reg.
    • Summer – No enrollment required but must have attended spring and be returning fall, or be a new admit for fall
serp medicare past present
SERP/Medicare – Past & present
  • Student Employee Retirement Plan
    • Past
      • Students assessed if not enrolled ½ time by Census
      • “In or Out”- Adding credits after census would not change assessment requirement
serp medicare past present1
SERP/Medicare – Past & present
  • Student Employee Retirement Plan
    • Present
      • Enrollment check every pay period end date for biweekly, starting June 4, 2010
      • Enrollment check for monthly the 15th of each month, starting with June 15, 2010
      • If not enrolled at least half-time, assessed SERP/Medicare
      • Students paid monthly need to be enrolled/hired by August 13 in order to be exempt from SERP/Medicare withholdings for August
      • No more SERP lists
new pay scale
New Pay Scale?
  • No changes to pay scale this year
    • Continue to use 09-10 pay scale
  • A few more reminders:
    • Do not use “Initiate Assigment Termination” – send us PFD to suspend assignments
  • Memo of Understanding
    • Please sign and return to Student Employment Services

Student Employment Services


Phone: 491-5714

Fax: 491-1975



Payroll Updates

Joanne Robel

Kristen DeQuasie

Shelly Lynch

Vivian Maxwell

Vickie Schultz

Nilia Walter

555 S. Howes

payroll updates
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
  • HRS Website
    • Check under the Payroll link
    • Sign up for the hourly list serve to receive notices and vital messages related to hourly payroll processing
    • Review the directory to determine contact information
    • Obtain forms and schedules
payroll updates1
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
  • Employee Self-Service
    • (ESS) provides active CSU employees the ability to review much of their personal HR-related information online.
    • All pay advices to employees are provided on-line through this site. While changes cannot yet be made online, campus will be notified when this feature is enabled. In the meantime, departmental HR liaisons will continue to be the point of contact for employees who need to make changes to their personal information.
payroll updates2
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
    • ESS is accessed via the Campus Administrative Portal (CAP)
    • The Campus Administrative Portal (CAP) provides a secure log-in for users of ESS, as well as other campus systems. Before signing into CAP, you should be connected to the CSU network in one of the following ways.
      • Use a computer on campus which has a wired connection to the internet, or
      • Sign in to the SSL VPN , or
      • Install and sign in to the Cisco VPN
payroll updates3
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
  • Hourly Payroll Processing
    • General Information
      • Payroll processors should be aware of all employees who have multiple assignments or are working under a VISA. HRS-Payroll may contact the payroll processor after the initial processing of payroll with questions as to overtime or hours worked limits. It is imperative that the department respond immediately as it can hold up the entire payroll. Please treat any contact related to these issues as extremely important and work with supervisors and employees to resolve swiftly.
payroll updates4
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
    • When submitting a timesheet to payroll for hand loading please make sure the followings are reflected on it:
      • Complete assignment number
      • Employee name
      • Account number
      • All required signatures are present
      • All figures have been validated and are clearly written
      • Designate if work study or time entry wages
      • Pay period ending date is completed and accurate
  • If corrections are need for past timecard distributions please contact Vickie Schultz.
payroll updates5
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
    • All original W-4 and PDA (direct deposit) forms should be sent to Payroll, no copies should be retained in the department.
  • Work Study notes
    • Always create a concurrent assignment if a student is changing from work study to student hourly.
    • The Oracle system is setup to automatically stop work study award payment when the limit is reached – at this point 100% of the cost will be charged to the department account setup in Oracle. You may want to monitor work study awards in order to match to your budget.
payroll updates6
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
  • Fiscal Year End Notes/Reminders
    • Payroll Special Payment Fees
      • June 30th will be the end of the first processing year for Payroll Special Payment Fees.
      • Fees will be calculated on fiscal 2010 payroll special payments through July 7th – at which time the final charges
      • will be calculated, notification to departments emailed and the journals will be posted by July 12th.
      • Any special payments made after July 7th regardless of payperiod covered will be accumulated toward the new
      • fiscal year limits (10 free per fiscal year).
payroll updates7
Payroll Updates
  • Web based information
  • July 2nd Hourly Payday
    • This hourly payday is for hours worked from June 5th through June 18th and the costing for these earnings posts to the 2010 fiscal year.
    • The July 2nd payment is also the first payroll for State Classified Benefit changes.
    • Please make every effort to have your hourly timecards posted in the correct payroll processing time. Timecards for fiscal 2010 processed in fiscal 2011, can only be entered by HRS-Payroll through handloads.
    • The PERA change in employee contribution rate from 8% to 10.5% will start with the July 16th hourly compensation payment.

Form I-9 overview

Matt Wills

555 S. Howes

3rd Floor