nations nationalism and national identity n.
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Nations, nationalism and national identity

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Nations, nationalism and national identity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nations, nationalism and national identity. What is a nation?. Language, culture, ethnicity? Nationality: ethnic and cultural identity Language, religion, common history & traditions want to uphold, common territory (not conditions but likely defining features).

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what is a nation
What is a nation?
  • Language, culture, ethnicity?
  • Nationality: ethnic and cultural identity
  • Language, religion, common history & traditions want to uphold, common territory (not conditions but likely defining features)
Imagined communities (Anderson)
  • It is the magic of nationalism to turn chance into destiny
  • Folklore, tradition, created symbols
nationalism as ideology movement
Nationalism as ideology/movement
  • Demands of the nationality are to translate these into a state form.
  • Asserts validity of national traits for political ends
  • Self determination is the demand by a nationality to become a state.
Rousseau’s ‘general will’ and ‘popular sovereignty’: the foundation of nationalism?
  • The French Revolution – sovereignty of the people and the nation. Established ‘patriotism’:
  • Response in other European countries: German nationalism e.g.: a traditional form, willed by God, biological, racial and cultural traits: Prussia, 1871.
waves of nationalism macridis
Waves of nationalism (Macridis)
  • France – affected European nationalities
  • End WWI – collapse Austro-Hungarian Empire, Romania and Bulgaria independent, Poland, Finland…
  • End WWII – collapse of colonial power, e.g. the Middle East, Africa
  • Collapse Soviet Union
is nationalism inevitable
Is nationalism inevitable?
  • Implies right to statehood/self-government
  • Identity, consciousness, redrawing boundaries and conflict: reconfirms the state system
  • Do nations have the right to states?
  • Examples: The Roma, the Palestinians, Israel
the break up of the nation state
The break up of the nation state
  • Examples, Yugoslavia: a return to nationalism?
  • Iraq? UK?
the nation state
The nation state
  • A state and a nationality
  • National sovereignty
  • Katzenstein: Germany from semi-sovereign to sovereign state
  • Milward: The European rescue of the nation state
rise of the region state
Rise of the region state?
  • Post national? Two trends – rise of nationalism and transnational developments
  • Examples: European Union, Latin America? Pan-Arab nationalism
  • Are they connected? Does supranational development and problems this creates for democratic representation CAUSE a rise of regional identity and nationalism?
  • Glocalisation.
challenges to the nation state
Challenges to the nation state
  • International Organisations/Region states
  • International norms and values?
  • Creating national fragmentation?
  • Enhance strong states?
  • Are nation states undermined?
International Law
  • International law, e.g. US soldiers and ICC
  • Milosovic on trial
  • Environmental standards
The market and international finance
  • WTO; IMF; trade & aid packages
  • Shell Oil
  • US drugs’ patents
  • International intervention
  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Nuclear proliferation
the transformation of the state and sovereignty
The transformation of the state and sovereignty?
  • How do we map democracy on to changed contours of national sovereignty and the international community?
  • Can we recreate through International Society?
cosmopolitanism citizens of the world
Cosmopolitanism: citizens of the world?
  • Universal values. Common standards that apply to all individuals and actions, through international law and international organisations.