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云计算: Cloud computing PowerPoint Presentation
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云计算: Cloud computing

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云计算: Cloud computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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云计算: Cloud computing
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  1. 云计算:Cloud computing 王仲远 2008-03-29 关于云计算更多内容,请参见:

  2. Outline • Stories • Background • Web 2.0, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing • Cloud Computing Cases • Future

  3. The First Story TVs PCs 4+ billion phones by 2010 [Source: Nokia] PDAs

  4. The Second Story Manage Contact Work Share Google Charts

  5. Outline • Stories • Background • Web 2.0, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing • Cloud Computing Cases • Future

  6. Timeline COBOL, Edsel COBOL Edsel ARPANET Internet Web Awareness Web as a Platform Web Services, Resources Eliminated Darkness 1969 1982 1996 1997 2001 2004 2006 1959 Dot-Com Bubble Web 2.0 Web Scale Computing

  7. Statistics

  8. Statistics

  9. It’s All About Ideas

  10. What do these companies have in common?

  11. Outline • Stories • Background • Web 2.0, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing • Cloud Computing Cases • Future

  12. What is a Grid • Resource sharing • Computers, storage, sensors, networks, … • Sharing always conditional: issues of trust, policy, negotiation, payment, … • Coordinated problem solving • Beyond client-server: distributed data analysis, computation, collaboration, … • Dynamic, multi-institutional virtual orgs • Community overlays on classic org structures • Large or small, static or dynamic

  13. Not A New Idea • Late 70’s – Networked operating systems • Late 80’s – Distributed operating system • Early 90’s – Heterogeneous computing • Mid 90’s - Metacomputing • Then the “Grid”– Foster and Kesselman, 1999 • Also called parallel distributed computing

  14. Why is this hard/different? • Lack of central control • Where things run • When they run • Shared resources • Contention, variability • Communication • Different sites implies different sys admins, users, institutional goals, and often “strong personalities”

  15. Theory -> Practice

  16. Grid Computing 2.0? Grid Computing Cloud Cloud Cloud Computing

  17. Cloud Computing • WIKIPEDIA: Cloud computing is a new (circa late 2007) label for the subset of grid computing that includes utility computing and other approaches to the use of shared computing resources. Cloud computing is an alternative to having local servers or personal devices handling users' applications. • News Blog:Cloud computing, the notion of outsourcing hardware and software to Internet service providers, is showing the classic signs of disruptive technology--it's not good enough for the masses yet, but it has clear potential to shake things up. • Forrester: Cloud computing is a new IT outsourcing model…cloud computing is looking like a classic disruptive technology.

  18. The Architecture of Cloud Computing

  19. Upon Cloud Computing • Cloud storage: it is a model of networked data storage where data is stored on multiple virtual servers • Hosted by third parties, • Hosting companies operate large data centers • Cloud services: • Web services offered via cloud computing.

  20. Cloud Computing, Grid Computing and Web2.0 • Cloud computing as being a complement to grid computing, focusing more on scalable, on-demand, Web 2.0-type applications • The architecture of Cloud Computing certainly could handle a lot of the batch workloads traditionally associated with grid computing.

  21. Company/Lab Clouds ~

  22. Outline • Stories • Background • Web 2.0, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing • Cloud Computing Cases • Future

  23. Google & IBM • Google and IBM Announce University Initiative to Address Internet-Scale Computing Challenges (Cloud Computing) • CMU, Stanford, Berkeley, California, Maryland, Washingtong will be involved

  24. Cloud Computing Architecture Apache Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Tivoli Monitoring Agent Open Source Linux with Xen Virtualized Infrastructure based on Open Source Linux & Xen Data Center – System x Provisioning Baremetal & Xen VM Monitoring Cloud computing infrastructure to support the academic initiative can be delivered either as hosted or onsite solution. IBM Monitoring v.6 DB2 Provisioning Manager v.5.1 WebSphere Application Server Provisioning Management Stack

  25. Example of How the Cloud Drives Innovation Leverage Cloud’s powerful combination of Web 2.0 collaboration platform and dynamic, secure computing environment to drive business transformations. Virtualized Cloud Incubation Environment Innovation Factory Expand sources of innovation with a network of partners, customers, researchers, and academia Speed time to market for new offerings by exploiting collaboration technology to co-create and gather rapid feedback on new offerings Lower barriers to IT by leveraging Cloud to provide incubation environment for new prototypes

  26. Examples of Cloud Computing Workloads • Web 2.0 applications • Provide rich user experience including real-time global collaboration • Enable rapid software development • Software to scan voluminous Wikipedia edits to identify spam • Organize global news articles by geographic location • Data-intensive workloads based on scalable architectures, such as Google’s MapReduce framework • Financial modeling, real-time speech translation, Web search • Next generation rich media, such as virtual worlds, streaming videos, Web conferencing, etc. • New services can be created and published via a completely integrated Eclipse-based environment

  27. Amazon EC2 Is… A Web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Designed to make Web-scale computing easier for developers. A simple Web service interface that provides complete control of your computing resources

  28. Amazon EC2 Benefits You Because It: • Reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes • Quickly scales capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change • Changes the economics of computing: • Pay only for capacity that you actually use

  29. Microsoft:WebStudio • WebStudio is an infrastructure to provide large-scale Web data management and processing capabilities. • It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for use in quickly prototyping and conducting experiments at Web-scale.

  30. Microsoft Virtual World

  31. Microsoft’s Cloud Services • Windows Live Services Windows Live services also underscore Microsoft’s desire to become the manager for a user’s data wherever it is located.

  32. Microsoft’s Cloud Storge • Windows Live Services • Windows Live SkyDrive • SkyDrive is also available now in 38 countries/regions (but not in China) • Bill Gates: “When you think storage, think Windows Live”

  33. Outline • Stories • Background • Web 2.0, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing • Cloud Computing Cases • Future

  34. Growing confrontation between Google and Microsoft !

  35. Disruptive Technology • Enterprise to Personal

  36. Disruptive Technology • Enterprise to Personal • Desktop to Web • Users may no longer have to be tethered to a traditional computer to use an application. • Any device that can access the Internet will be able to run a cloud-based application • Will not worry about storage capacity, compatibility or other concerns • Without having the bother of upgrading the application version

  37. Challenge & Venture • Security • For single user: Is the storage reliable? • For all user: If terrorists attack several Computing Clouds… • Privacy • If internet breaks down one day?

  38. Thank You! • What’s your opinion?

  39. References • Web Scale Computing • IBM Google Announcement on Internet-Scale Computing • Web IR - History and Future Trends • Software via the Internet: Microsoft in ‘Cloud’ Computing • A Sunny Outlook for Cloud Computing • Study: Cloud computing to brighten future of data centers • • • Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft •,7211,44229,00.html • Grid Computing and the Globus Toolkit • •