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  1. Tips for Choosing the Best Webcam For You

  2. A webcam is an electronic device that broadcasts or shows an image or video live through the Web to an external computer, including the Internet, to allow interaction. Webcams are very small digital cameras that usually sit on a desktop, mount to the user's computer monitor, or are embedded into the hardware itself. Webcams also have a number of other functions and use. Some examples of webcams include: HD Web cameras- Also known as high-definition (HD), this kind of webcam is capable of recording audio and video with high definition, which produces sharper colors and contrast. Most modern HD webcams record at a 1920 x 1080i resolution, although some webcams record in higher resolutions such as 10 gigapixels. This kind of webcam generally offers a great picture quality and can capture even faint motion.

  3. Camcorders with Hdtv outputs- These include HDTV camcorders, which support live streaming. Most HDTVs offer a standard definition TV resolution, but they are often upgraded to include high definition (HD), which offers a much clearer picture and increased depth and color resolution. HD camcorders are not always as sophisticated technologically as their lower-priced counterparts, so they tend not to be as user friendly as their higher-priced counterparts. However, many HDTV camcorders do have in-built software packages which enable users to easily manage and view their cameras live. If you're looking for an easy way to watch live video from your Webcam, consider buying an HDTV camcorder. Camcorders without HDTV outputs- These include camcorders with an SD card, mini or "DVD" video recorder, or Firewire or HDMI connections, which connect to your home computer via a USB port or FireWire port. Some of these camcorders include an optional "webcam" socket that allows you to plug in a thumb-sized video screen, similar to those included with camcorders with HDTV outputs.

  4. The major difference is that there is no built-in HDTV output, so you must connect the camcorder to an appropriate TV for viewing. These types of cameras typically operate using digital video instead of analog (line) video. A few things to look for when comparing different types of Webcams. When looking at two Webcams side-by-side, one will be able to see the resolution and color quality of the video produced by the other. This will be helpful in deciding which is best for your purposes. Another thing to look for is the audio quality of the video, which can often make or break the overall experience of using a Webcam. Different webcams operate with different recording formats and some will record to a hard drive while others may stream the video directly to your computer screen from a streaming website. Which type is best will depend on whether you want to watch the video on your computer, view it on an internet streaming site, or both.

  5. The final thing to consider is the optical zoom feature of the camcorder. There are many different optical zoom features available, ranging from one hundred frames per second to six hundred frames per second. Some people may find more value in purchasing a cam with higher resolution and better optical zoom capabilities. There are various options to buy these cams, however, one can check out websites like for the different models.

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