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Crucial Steps for Choosing Your Wedding Caterer PowerPoint Presentation
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Crucial Steps for Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

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Crucial Steps for Choosing Your Wedding Caterer
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Crucial Steps for Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

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  1. Crucial Steps for Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

  2. Wedding Caterer • Your wedding caterer is usually the last to make preparations on your wedding venue. Yet, their service is one of those that make the most impact on your big day. • You want all your guests to leave happy with their food. The best wedding caterers can get fully booked months before your wedding date. The safest time to get started interviewing caterers is at least nine months before.

  3. Here are tips to help you get started:

  4. Find Your Venue Early and Ask for Recommendations • The venue usually has a list of recommended wedding suppliers. This is a great starting point as you search for a food caterer. Ask for contact number so you can personally talk to the caterer. • If no one on the list fits your tastes, then ask the venue coordinator if there are any requirements they need from vendors or suppliers. The same goes for the wedding caterer that you choose. You need to ensure ahead of time that everything is already ironed out between your two biggest suppliers, for the venue and catering.

  5. Decide on a Budget • It will be harder to stick to your budget once you’re given food samples you’ll want to spend more for. That said, think of the amount you can only spend for the catering services. Advise the wedding caterer so they can work out something for you without compromising food quality and presentation. • Take note that depending on your specific requirements, the cost can be higher too. For instance, you probably are requesting for an entree with seasonal ingredients that may be harder or more costly to source. Clarify as well what is included in the quote you’re provided. You don’t want to be surprised right on your wedding day.

  6. Request Work Samples • You’ll want to assess the quality of the food as well as all the aesthetics that go with it. This includes the table ware and linen. While it helps a lot to view photos from the caterer’s website, you’ll want more recent, transparent photos you can review. • Be sure then to follow the wedding caterer on social media. Here you’ll find photos posted by their previous clients and see from there the calibre of the actual work they deliver. Regarding the food tasting, you may need to be the one to adjust to the schedule of popular wedding caterers so set your mind for it. The experience should be well worth it though.

  7. Professional Food Caterers • Apart from the food itself, experience is the main selling point of any wedding caterer. You’ll want you and your guests to feast eyes on stunning presentations and of course, indulge in great-tasting food. • Professional food caterers can help you make your visions for your wedding come to life. So start with your search early and let them know right away if you have any concerns.

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