Tremor leveraging your business cross the caribbean
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Tremor – Leveraging Your Business Cross The Caribbean. Turnkey Internet and Wireless Billing Service Offering. Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients. Agenda. Caribbean Telcom, Today Challenges Solutions Advantages Results. The Mobile ISP Experience. Public p laces. Hotels &

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Tremor leveraging your business cross the caribbean

Tremor – Leveraging Your Business Cross The Caribbean.

Turnkey Internet and Wireless Billing Service Offering

Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients


  • Caribbean Telcom, Today

  • Challenges

  • Solutions

  • Advantages

  • Results

Mobile professionals

Public places

Hotels &




The Mobile Professional






Mobile Professionals

Global vertical opportunities
Global Vertical Opportunities

  • GSM/CDMA2000/MVNOs

    • Voice, SMS, GRPS,MMS,WAP, EV-DO, 1xRT/MVNOs

  • WiFi/WiMax

    • Hotspot,Mesh,Prepaid,Postpaid.

  • DSL/Cable/BroadBand-Bundles

    • Highspeed,Content,Video-Streaming,SSO, Bundle-Offerings.

  • VoIP/WiVoIp

    • Voice of IP, WiFi-VoIP.

    • (The Voice of Communication)

  • Caribbean telcom today
    Caribbean Telcom, Today

    • Mobile Telecom Age

    • Trends in Telco/vendor Relationships.

    • Partnerships with vendors.

    • Competitiveness and Growth rates.

    • Less System Changes.

    • More Integrated Services.


    • Changes within the Industry.

    • Proper Integrated Services.

    • Billing Systems, for New Services.

    Cellular roaming caribbean
    Cellular Roaming- Caribbean

    • Cellular roaming is a high margin, low maintenance operation

      that will account for a huge portion of telco profits.

    • Roaming takes advantage of costs already sunk in Telco’s

      network to provide cash flows that are immediate and significant.

    • Are you prepared to open your network to roaming from 223

      million potential customers? Every visitor here has the potential,

      from the moment roaming commences, to become your

      customer, and resultantly deliver instant revenues to your

      bottom line.

    Gsm roaming opportunity
    GSM Roaming Opportunity

    GSM Today

    • GSM Association total membership (May 2007) - 800

    • Number of Countries/Areas with GSM System (May 2007) - 217

    • GSM Total Subscribers - 963.6 million (May 2007)

    • SMS messages sent per month - 30 Billion

    • GSM accounts for 80.0% of the World's digital market and 77.0% of the World's wireless market

      How will you benefit from the GSM opportunity?

    The tremor solution
    The Tremor Solution

    • Tremor partners with Telecoms to help you build knowledge within your organization to best manage your products and services for Long term success.

    • Our philosophy is based on the transferring of skills from our

      experts to yours; efficiently and to your specific needs. We believe

      that Tremor Solution is the best approach to changing competitive environments.

    • We are proposing a phased approach with shortest time to market.

    Voip potentials
    VoIP Potentials

    • By end of 2007 the worldwide voice over IP (VoIP) market will reach $7.8-bil, up from approximately $5-bil in 2005.

    Tremor leveraging your business cross the caribbean

    From Caribbean


    VoIP Switching/Billing



    VoIP Gateway

    Local call


    VOIP Switch

    Carrier Tier 1


    VoIPSolution / Internet

    LD calls

    IP network / WAN

    VoIP Gateway





    Voip switching billing interconnection 1
    VoIP Switching/Billing Interconnection- 1

    • Origin- From Caribbean sends a call request containing the destination number 912123124388 (or 9170505092209) by PSTN/PBX to billing vendor Voip Switch.

    • Teleco sends Long Distance Calls and the destination number to Billing vendor Gateway by IP Network string.

    • Billing vendor manages the calls via the Carriers using VoIP. At very low rates.

    Voip switching billing interconnection 2
    VoIP Switching/Billing Interconnection- 2

    • Billing vendor calls the destination number to either USA/Canada using VoIP.

    • Billing Vendor bridges the connection from the calls to Origin and the calls to Destination C (or Destination B).

    What is hosted voip


    Self ServiceManagement

    Core Network IP Telephony Services




    What is Hosted VoIP?

    • Self Service Management

      • Custom branded hierarchical web portals (user, enterprise, reseller, carrier)

    • Enterprise Networking

      • Multi site IP-based voice virtual private networking (VPN)

    • Messaging

      • Unified voice and fax messaging

    • Enhanced Services

      • Auto-attendant, IVR, conferencing, call centers, mobility, follow-me, one-number

    • Desktop Collaboration

      • Web conferencing, instant messaging and presence, document sharing, desktop video

    Voip network layout


    VoIP Network Layout

    Point of Presence


    Point of Presence

    Network Operations Center



    Application Sever





    Managed IP Network

    Broadband Access

    IP PhonesPC Clients


    Customer Premises

    The tremor solution1
    The Tremor Solution

    Tremor delivers robust expertise to ensure a successful

    implementation of vertical services. We provide the facility to:

    • Communicate, negotiate, and exchange:

      • With the signaling provider that is the best fit for your network

      • Roaming agreements with the best potential partners

    • Deliver a mediation device capable of collecting and rating all usage on your network

    • Establish a complete testing process with roaming partners

    • Compliance with GSMNA/CIBERNET standards

    • Choose and manage relationships with data clearing and financial clearing houses,Syniverse,Verisign

    • Provide Switching/Billing VoIP usage reports as per standards

    The phased approach
    The Phased Approach

    Phase 1: Roaming agreements/Integration & Billing for Cellular/ISP/VoIP)

    Timeframe: 1-2 Months

    Phase 2: Fine tuning, and knowledge transfer.

    Timeframe: 1 Month

    Phase 3: Support and new service enhancement

    Total Timeframe: 1 Month

    Collect Roaming-In Revenues

    You own the knowledge

    Addition & Support

    The tremor advantage
    The Tremor Advantage

    Tremor’s services deliver renowned expertise in the billing world to Telecom. Our solution has proven itself on other operators.

    When compared to competing commercial products:

    • Tremor requires a small initial investment

    • Through employee training, Tremor reduces costs associated with monthly & yearly recurring fees

    • In-house mediation allows for quicker implementation when patches and upgrades are required for new services or changes to your network

    • Tremor supports Teleco from the very first phase to the moment you are ready to assume control of your roaming operations

    Fact sheet
    Fact Sheet

    • Roaming/Billing/Switching intoyour network will be your milk cow, Telecoms in the Caribbean will be in a constant receiving position.

    • With low maintenance cost, roaming revenues go straight in your balance sheet

    • Strict Billing standard makes rejects very costly

    • Telecom will be in a receiving position on net settlement

    • Targeted Countries = 70% of traffic (North America, Caribbean, South America)

    • Tremor has inside contacts with each operators to speed up agreements

    • Any mediation has to be customized

    • Tremor has only A team of expert no C nor D team

    • No mediation guarantees revenue without proper business logic and processes

    Telecom s results
    Telecom’s Results

    • Roaming launched according to best industry practices

    • Biggest partners Cellular and VoIP billing launched this year

    • Revenues in your bank account as soon possible in 2007

    • For the best price of the industry

    Int l mvno setup 1

    Destination 197143124388

    Local GSM Networkin U.A.E


    Global GSM Network

    Local GSM Networkin Germany

    Local PSTNin U.A.E






    Destination 2971505092209

    USSD or SMS



    Global VoIP Network(Internet)


    LocalGSMCaribbean Operator



    Local GSM Networkin Caribbean

    MVNO Telecom Service Platformin Toronto

    Int’l MVNO Setup -1

    Int l mvno setup 2
    Int’l MVNO Setup -2

    • Origin sends a call request containing the destination number 97143124388 (or 971505092209) by USSD or SMS to Caribbean-T.

    • Caribbean-T sends Origin's MSRN and the destination number to MVNO Telecom by HTTP data string.

    • MVNO Telecom calls the MSRN using VoIP.

    • MVNO Telecom calls the destination number using VoIP.

    • MVNO Telecom connects the call to Origin and the call to Destination 1 (or Destination 2).

    Tremor benefits
    TREMOR Benefits

    • Unified reporting In/Out Solutions

    • Use of VPN link to DCH to save on clearing costs

    • Flexible special rating agreements with partners

    • Easy to maintain, Telecom operated and continued Cadillac maintenance support

    • Tremor offers 1 year on-line data

    • Tremor transfer daily to optimize revenue

    Tremor technology group
    Tremor Technology Group

    3950, 14th Avenue, Suite 609

    Markham, Ontario L3R 0A9


    Tel: (416) 939 5124



    Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients