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Feijola Crayola Color Show PowerPoint Presentation
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Feijola Crayola Color Show

Feijola Crayola Color Show

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Feijola Crayola Color Show

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  1. Feijola Crayola Color Show

  2. Christmas tree S U G A R S N A P P E A S What is Green? Green is the grass on the ground and the stems on a flower… Green is the sound of a mommy singing to her baby and the sound of a water fall… Green is the lime you eat and sugar snap peas that go crunch… Green is the color of Tinkerbell’s dress and the color of a frog. -Bilkisu Grimes- grassy green

  3. lips pigs F L A M I N G O What is Pink? Pink is fresh cotton candy in your mouth, jelly beans too… Pink is strawberry ice cream and bubble gum… Pink is a smelly marker and a pink icicle too... Pink is a flamingo and a bald mouse. - Abbie Hayes -

  4. Gray Fog Gray Un-see-able fog Danger attacking cold Mad cold breathing attacker Fog -Alexander Hendrickse- D A N G E R

  5. cherry popsicle What is Red? Red is a dark shade of cherryinside the hard outside of awatermelon and zooming wagons… Red is a sweet flavor of licorice, a ripe apple and a cherry popsicle… Red is a smooth blob of ketchup, a giant heart on Valentine’s Day and meatballs in spaghetti sauce… Red is a piece of pizza with sauce dripping down on your plate, a stop light and a ripe strawberry! -Ally Leffler- R E D L I C O R I C E KETCHUP

  6. Brown Dark, fuzzy, Fast, dull, climbing Sad,danger, boring, dirty Bear Brown -Andrew Dana- Bear Brown BUNNY Monkey

  7. Wookiee Brown Brown Sweet yum. Brown blows in the wind. Brown feels dirty. -Bryn Roberts- Dirty Brown

  8. Cotton candy Bubble gum H I P P O What is Pink? Pink is a bubble gum sweet and a dream in youreye….. Pink is a hippo in the hot summer day…. Pink isa little pig in a den. -Caitlyn Baylie-

  9. Lemon S C H O O L B U S What Is Yellow? Yellow is a chick with hair, a new baby’s skin, blond hair and new duck’s feathers… Yellow is a school bus, the sun at recess, the lemonade in your lunch and the pencil you write with… Yellow is a fallen leaf, the skin on a squash and sap from a tree… Yellow is the bottom of a candy corn and Tweety Bird’s feathers. -Caley Halloran- Corn

  10. M I D N I G H T S K Y blackout Black What is Black? Black is dark danger… Black is frightening, sad, mad… Black is black olives, black licorice, and burnt toast. -Daniel DePoyster-

  11. lipstick ST R A W B E R RYICECREAM What is Pink? Pink is sweet tasting gum, a messy pig and pretty roses. Pink is a shade of cotton candy. Pink is shiny nail polish like my fingers. -Danielle Chieu- Flamingo

  12. Winter Blue J E A N J A C K E T What is blue? Blue is a whale and the sky and a blueberry… Blue is a jean jacket and the ocean and winter…. Blue is sometimes happy and sometimes sad. -Emma Svenson-

  13. pencil band What is Gold? Gold is a kings shiny crown on his head… Gold is a band on a pencil… Gold is a rusty old nail being hailed with rain! -Joel Chapman- sacajawea coin kings crown

  14. Lilac What is Purple? Purple is like a mountain with sun on it and a grape that is just picked off the vine…. Purple is like a mouse or a hamster that has just been born…. Purple is like your blood in your skin…. Purple is like a blueberry when you take a nibble…. Purple is like a heart that is cold. -Katie Dillaman- F R E S H G R A P E S MOUNTAIN

  15. C A N A R Y What is Yellow? Yellow is crusty pie’s skin, made by hand… Yellow is blooming sunflowers, daisies, and dandelions… Yellow is a sweet taste of lemonade, fresh squeezed… The sound of yellow is the “tweet, tweet, tweet”, of the chirping birds… Yellow is an explosion of laughter, bursting with happiness, like a family of blue-jays! -Kylie Hagin LEMONADE

  16. Stawberry Spaghetti sauce T O M A T O E S What is Red? Red is sweet cherries, strawberries and ripe tomatoes… Red is spicy and warm spaghetti sauce dripping down my chin… Red smells like a hot cherry pie baking in a oven… Red is exploding with power and a bright red stop sign staring right at me telling me to immediately STOP! -McKenna Rose-

  17. B L U E J E L L O Blue Fish Pond Blue What is Blue? Blue is the light blue water that you can drink and the color of a clone on Star Wars. Blue is the oval pool to swim in and the piece of bouncy Jello that sticks to the cap. Blue is the jelly bean you see every Easter and the blue of stuffed Easter bunnies. Blue is the blueberry you can find in the wild and the pond you can find fish in. Michael Dana

  18. Yoda Light Saber Green Green Slick, dark Moving, falling, jumping Happy, slimy, slick, hard Light saber green - Nicholas Dana -

  19. sunflowers P E N C I L S What is gold? Gold is the petals on a sunflower. Gold is the pasta in buttered noodles. Gold is the sun on a hot summer day and a bus taking kids to their houses … Gold is a rusty old nail lying in the mud. Gold is an pencil waiting to be used. -Riley Cournoyer-

  20. Grape Jello What is purple? Purple is sweet grapes and grape juice….. Purple is the color of kings’ and queens’ royal robes….. Purple feels like grape Kool-aide on a hot summer day….. Purple is a cool popsicle or jiggly grape jello. -Ron Leishman- Grape Juice

  21. Tornado Gray What is Tornado Gray? Tornado grayis the color when a tornado is coming… Tornado gray is the color of fog at night. Tornado gray is the color of a storm cloud right before it pours! -Seth Dillenburg- Fog

  22. G IRAFFEFUR Lemon yellow What is Yellow? Yellow is a giraffe when it’s just born… Yellow is a banana peel when you look at it… Yellow is lightning when it flashes fast… Yellow is french fries when they come dripping hot from the frying pan. -Trace Andrews- Sunny sky

  23. What is White? White is the light on the moon at night… Cream in tea with sugar held in tight…. Lightening in the sky that brings fright….. What is white? light… cream… fright…. That is white! -Wyatt Bubeck- CLOUD Snowy moonlight

  24. CHEESE BUTTERSCOTCH Yellow Warm, sunny Cheese, hope, cats eye Happy, sunflower, pencil, smiley face Butterscotch -YoHan Weber- SMILY FACE

  25. Flamingo BUBBLEGUM What is Pink? Pink is a flamingo dancing in the mist… Pink is gooey bubble gum... Pink is the sweetness in your eyes… Pink is strawberry ice cream… Pink is pigs on a farm… Pink is Valentines... Pink is a baby mouse just being born… Pink is happy… Pink is love. -Paige Plant- Eraser