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Duties and Responsibilities of the PowerPoint Presentation
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Duties and Responsibilities of the

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Duties and Responsibilities of the

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Duties and Responsibilities of the

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  1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Records Manager and Archivist

  2. Archivists analyze documents and materials such as government records, minutes of corporate board meetings, letters from famous people, charters of nonprofit foundations, historical photographs, maps, coins, works of art, and nearly anything else that may have historical significance. THE JOB

  3. Archivists understand and serve the needs of their employers and collect items that are most relevant to their organizations. THE JOB

  4. After selecting appropriate materials, archivists help make them accessible to others by preparing reference aids such as indexes, guides, bibliographies, descriptions, and microfilmed copies of documents. THE JOB

  5. Archivists fileand cross-index archived items for easy retrieval when a user wishes to consult a collection. • Archivists may preserve and repair historical documents or send damaged items to a professional conservator. THE JOB

  6. They may also appraise the items based on their knowledge of political, economic, military, and social history, as well as by the materials’ physical condition, research potential, and rarity. THE JOB

  7. Archivists play an integral role in the exhibition programs of their organizations. • The archivist helps to sort through archival materials and decide what items would make for an interesting exhibition at the institution. THE JOB

  8. Archivists conduct research using the archival materials at their disposal, and they may publish articles detailing their findings. THE JOB

  9. They may advise government agencies, scholars, journalists, and others conducting research by supplying available materials and information. • Archivists also act as reference contacts and teachers. THE JOB

  10. Archivists may perform many or few administrative duties. Such duties may include preparing budgets, representing their institutions at scientific or association conferences, soliciting support for institutions, andinterviewing and hiring personnel. THE JOB

  11. Some help formulate and interpret institutional policy. In addition, archivists may plan or participate in special research projects and write articles for scientific journals. THE JOB

  12. Sample Archivist Duties and Responsibilities • Sample Record Archivist Duties and Responsibilities THE JOB

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