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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'MISSION: THEFT OF SHUTTLE TYDIRIUM' - amandla

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  • Rogue Squadron Scramble! General Madine has successfully stolen the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Tydirium from the Imperial Outpost 327 in the Zhar system. This shuttle is carrying a set of clearance codes that will allow us to pass the deflector shield enveloping the under-construction Death Star II battle station orbiting the forest moon of Endor, and land on the moon itself.The shuttle is currently being pursued by Imperial Fighters and must be protected as it makes its calculations to jump to hyperspace. The calculations will take six turns to complete. Once the sixth turn is completed, the shuttle will automatically make the jump and the mission is complete. Should the Imperial Fighters successfully attack the shuttle and get through its shields, the first hit on the hull will damage the hyperspace generator and cause the shuttle to not be able to jump into hyperspace without subsequent repairs. If this happens, stay and defend the shuttle through eight turns and eliminate all remaining Imperial Fighters. If this proves to be impossible, destroy the shuttle before the end of the 8th turn to eliminate the possibility of the enemy from learning our plans.We cannot stress enough that this mission is vital to us destroying the Death Star II itself.

  • Rebel Setup Area

  • Rebel Edge

  • Imperial Setup Area

  • Imperial Edge

  • Shuttle Tydirium


  • Rebel: 70 points + Crix Madine Shuttle Tydirium

  • Imperial: 100 points

  • Play Area: 3 ft by 3 ftThe Rebel player then places his ships within Range 1 of his edge of the play area and places the Shuttle Tydirium at the center of the play area facing the Rebel edge.

  • Then the Imperial player places his ships within Range 1 on his edge of the play area.


  • Rebel Victory: Shuttle Tydirium survives with all hull points intact by the end of the 6th turn.Rebel Minor Victory: Shuttle Tydirium is crippled but all Imperial Fighters are destroyed before the end of the 8th turn allowing the Tydirium to repair its hyperspace generator and withdrawal.Imperial Victory: Shuttle Tydirium is crippled and all Rebel Fighters are destroyed by the end of the 8th turn allowing the capture of Tydirium and its crew.Imperial Minor Victory: Shuttle Tydirium is crippled but some Rebel Fighters are able to escape before the end of the 8th turn.Draw: Shuttle Tydirium is destroyed.


  • The Shuttle Tydirium: The Tydirium is represented by the attached ship card or an appropriately sized miniature. The shuttle is equipped with forward facing steerable Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannons and an optional rear facing retractable ArMek R-T0 twin blaster cannon.

  • Turn Counter: At the start of each Planning phase, add 1 to the provided turn counter. The first Planning phase is Turn 1.

  • Table Edges: The Shuttle Tydirium moves like any other ship. Should the shuttle leave the table on any side, the shuttle is considered captured and the game ends.

  • "We have stolen a small Imperial shuttle. Disguised as a cargo ship, and using a secret Imperial code, a strike team will land on the moon and deactivate the shield generator."

  • ―General Crix Madine, Star Wars

  • Episode VI “Return of the Jedi”

  • Theft of Shuttle Tydirium V1.0 by PeteParkerh

  • Special thanks to JustinCase/JayRhea for Shuttle Cards and Ship Card

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