Vocabra list 5
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Vocabra List 5. spar. Roberto liked to sneak into the gym late at night to watch his brother spar with the other boxers. “You really don’t want to spar with me,” warned the powerful senator, “because I’ll win.” Definition: to argue or fight; to practice boxing. insinuate.

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Vocabra list 5

Vocabra List 5

Vocabra list 5

  • Roberto liked to sneak into the gym late at night to watch his brother spar with the other boxers.

  • “You really don’t want to spar with me,” warned the powerful senator, “because I’ll win.”

  • Definition: to argue or fight; to practice boxing


  • “Are you trying to insinuate that my precious baby bulldog is ugly?” Lydia asked.

  • When supermodel Sylvia Smyth started to put on a few pounds, her agent suggested that jogging might be a good idea, insinuating that she was getting too heavy.

  • Definition: to imply; to suggest or hint at indirectly.


  • The Duke of Dinkeydom was anything but modest, driving around his stretch limo with the built-in hot tub.

  • “It’s hard to be modest when you’ve been elected prom queen two years in a row,” Mia remarked.

  • Definition: not conceited; limited in size


  • Little Max had a precarious hold on the edge of the fish tank when his mom found and rescued him.

  • Russell’s career as a stockbroker was precarious because he could never predict what was going to happen.

  • Definition: uncertain; insecure; risky


  • The judge asked Six-Finger Louie to disclose the hiding place of the 12 karat diamond that he had stolen from the jewelry store.

  • “If you finish my term paper for me, I won’t disclose the fact that you sneaked out of the house last week to meet your boyfriend,” Judith told her sister.

  • Definition: to reveal; uncover; make known


  • Myrtle thought that spending $75 on a pair of sandals for her two-year-old grandson was a little extravagant.

  • When their 30th wedding anniversary was near, Mike decided to give Marge a really extravagant gift – a vacation to Hawaii.

  • Definition: wastefully expensive; excessive


  • The toddlers at the preschool were a bustling group that exhausted the teacher.

  • At 97, GrammaHaluska and her daughters, aged 74 and 76, were a bustling trio who never slowed down while they cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Definition: busy; energetic and lively

Smoke screen
Smoke screen

  • When his parents found the broken taillight on their car, the sneaky teenager created a smoke screen by pretending to be extremely shocked.

  • Some politicians create a variety of smoke screens to hide their past mistakes.

  • Definition: any action used to try to cover up something.


  • “I think I’d better enlighten you on the high cost of rent before you plan to move out of the house,” said Mrs. Stenson to her eighteen-year-old son.

  • Mr. Morgan felt the need to stop people on the street and enlighten them about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

  • Definition: educate; inform


  • When his class started tenth grade, everyone noticed Jake’s transformation from a short, chubby kid into a tall, lanky young man.

  • The caterpillar goes through an amazing transformation when it turns into a butterfly.

  • Definition: a big change


  • Jonah’s classmates were pretty sure he fabricated the part of the story about his family’s escape from Iceland.

  • The mad scientist was fabricating a quick and easy way for every Earthling to take weekend trips to the moon.

  • Definition: make up; invent


  • Marcos looked quite debonair as he strolled down the stairway in his tuxedo.

  • Some older men look clumsy with their walking canes, but Sue’s debonair grandfather swings his around gracefully.

  • Definition: gracious and charming, especially in social situations