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Northern Europe

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Northern Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Northern Europe. Northern Europe Includes:. United Kingdom Ireland Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Denmark Estonia Latvia Lithuania. The British Isles(UK and Ireland). The most populated and diverse area of Northern Europe.

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Northern Europe

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    1. Northern Europe

    2. Northern Europe Includes: United Kingdom Ireland Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Denmark Estonia Latvia Lithuania

    3. The British Isles(UK and Ireland) • The most populated and diverse area of Northern Europe. • In the last century, the British Isles have welcomed a large immigrant population mainly from South Asia and the West Indies.

    4. Population • The United Kingdom is the most densely populated sub region with a population density of 635. • During the 1840’s depression and famine led to the loss of 1.6 million people. • Internal Migration – The movement from rural areas to urban areas.

    5. History and Government • The native people of Norway, Sweden, and Finland are known as theSami. • 1066 – Great Britain established Feudalism: a system in which Monarchs or Lords gave land to the nobles in return for their pledge of loyalty. • 1700’s – The period of Enlightenment – the movement to value reason and question tradition… a new way of thinking. • Industrial Revolution(the switch from manual labor to machine powered labor) started in Europe and spread around to world.

    6. Western Europe

    7. Western Europe Includes: France Germany The Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Austria Liechtenstein Luxembourg Monaco

    8. Population • Western Europe’s large population has been supported by farm land, manufacturing, and trade. • Germany is Europe’s most populated country with a population density of 598 people per square mile. • People have migrated to Western Europe for their urban areas, open immigration policies, and guest work programs: Foreigners who work on a temporary basis.

    9. History and Government • Middle Ages: The fall of the Roman Empire • Crusades: a series of brutal religious wars. • Reformation: Christians broke away from Catholicism and the Protestant religion in formed. • Feudalism: System of Lords giving land for loyalties. • Nationalism: Loyalties to a nation/people that share land, culture, and history. • 1700’s • French Revolution: French Monarchy was overthrown due to ideas of the enlightenment and encouragement for change.

    10. Western Europe was the center for both WWI and WWII. • Berlin Wall: Post WWII • 1945 Berlin Wall was built to split Germany into Communist East Germany and Democratic West Germany. • 1989 the Berlin Wall fell.