elsipogtog s anti fracking protests n.
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Elsipogtog’s anti-fracking protests PowerPoint Presentation
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Elsipogtog’s anti-fracking protests

Elsipogtog’s anti-fracking protests

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Elsipogtog’s anti-fracking protests

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  1. Elsipogtog’s anti-fracking protests Marianne Quijano English III AP, Per. 5 16 December 2013

  2. Elsipogtog(Pronounced El-see-book-toq) Elsipogtog, meaning “River of Fire”, is a First Nations band government in New Brunswick, Canada and are part of the Mi’kmaq people.

  3. Shale-Gas Exploration Shale gas is natural gas that is trapped within shale formations Shale gas has become an increasingly important source of natural gas in the United States Fracking: process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural glass inside.

  4. Shale-gas (continued) Lead, Uranium, Mercury, Ethylene Glycol, Radium, Methanol, HydrochloricAcid, Formaldehyde Ground and surface water pollution, inflammable water supplies, polluted ponds, exploding houses Contaminated air, acid rain, ground level ozone, sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage due to ingested contaminated water.

  5. SWN Resources Canada A Texas based company,Southwestern Energy is mostly engaged in natural gas and crude oil exploration SWN proposed a shale-gas project and 2D seismic testing

  6. Land Dispute • Canada does not own the land that the people of Elsipogtog are defending. • The Mi’kmaq have argued that SWN is conducting exploration work on land that they never ceded to the crown

  7. Injunctions SWN was awarded an injunction designed to keep protesters from interfering Judge in New Brunswick dismissed an application from the Elsipogtog First Nation for an injunction to stop seismic testing

  8. Violence erupts Protestors were arrested for firearm offenses, threats, intimidation, mischief, and not abiding a court injunction RCMP used dogs, pepper spray, fire hoses, tear gas, rubber bullets, and snipers

  9. The Damage Man almost lost his leg due to extensive internal bleeding in defense “The chief was manhandled,” according to Elsipogtog councillor Robert Levi. “Dozens” were sprayed with pepper spray and high-pressure water. Tear gas and rubber bullets were also employed. Mi’kmaq lawyer Amy Sock bruised up by RCMP Beer bottle supposedly thrown at RCMP officer

  10. “No Cause for Celebration” RCMP said that SWN Resources Canada is ending its exploration work, but will return in 2015 War Chief John Levi said word that SWN is leaving is no cause for celebration just yet.