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DRUMS GIRLS AND DANGEROUS PIE. By: Christopher Paoulini Published in 2004 Realistic fiction PowerPoint by: Jon-Michael George. SETTING.

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drums girls and dangerous pie


By: Christopher Paoulini

Published in 2004

Realistic fiction

PowerPoint by: Jon-Michael George

  • The story takes place in New Jersey where Steven Alper lives with parents and his little brother Jeffery. It also takes place in Philadelphia at the hospital where Jeffrey is getting treatment for his sickness.
  • Steven Richard Alper- Steven is a drummer and an eighth grader. Steven has a sense of humor and is highly annoyed by his little brother at the beginning of the story. He feels he is neglected at most parts, he is in love with Renee Albert as well as a friendship with Annette. Ever since Jeffrey was diagnosed it affected Steven a lot. He often felt that it was his fault that Jeffrey had cancer.
  • Jeffrey Alper- Jeffrey, or 'Jeffy ' is Steven's little brother who is diagnosed with ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Jeffy is described by Steven as being 'too cute.' Jeffrey is a really adorable 5 year old as said in the book with blond hair (which he loses). He is obsessed with Steven.
  • Annette Watson- Annette is a smart friend of Steven's and sometimes watches Jeffy. She has an unknown crush on Steven, but sees that he likes Renee, and is sad, but not hopeless. Steven was tutored by her when he was failing his classes. She later teams up with Renee to help raise money for Jeffrey at their spring concert. Finally Steven sees that he likes her as well because he begins to fall in love with her.
  • Renee Albert- Renee is every boy's dream, including Steven's. She is a cheerleader and is also a math whiz. She is the object of most girls affections. Steven, though decides that Renee does not pay attention to him for the right reasons, so ends up liking Annette .In the end she and Annette come together to help Jeffrey.
  • Mr. Watras- Steven's music teacher of the All-City Jazz band. He is Steven's favorite teacher and his mentor.
  • Miss Palma-Steven's Language arts teacher.
  • Mrs. Galley - Steven's guidance counselor at his school. Steven talks to her a lot about his problems, mainly about Jeffrey having cancer and about a dream that he starts having that Jeffrey dies in the winter as Steven throws snowballs at him.
  • Samantha``` - Steven's friend he meets at the hospital who also has leukemia. At the end it ends up that she dies.
  • Mrs. Alper_- This is Steven's Mother. She is caring and loving to both of the kids, but it gets so hard when they find out Jeffery has cancer. When she finds out that Jeffrey has cancer she has to be in and out of Philadelphia with Jeffrey and leave behind Steven and her husband.
  • Mr. Alper- Mr. Alper is the dad of the 2 boys. His job is a being a father . It also gets really difficult when Jeffery gets cancer because he has to pay all of the bills. Whenever his wife calls from Philadelphia he just can't tell Steven the news about Jeffrey. When they found out that Jeffrey had cancer he would not say a word to Steven. But at the end he does and has an emotional heart touching moment with Steven.
  • Jeffery “Steven’s brother” is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. During this time Steven is struggling with school and his band concert. His parents also aren't paying attention to him making his life difficult.
  • Jeffery finally recovers from his leukemia with the help of his family and the immense amount of treatment he has gone through. Steven also finds out that he doesn't like Renee but he likes Annette.
my opinion
  • As all good books this book starts of slow but it eventually speeds up and once you reach that part you wont be able to put the book down.
5 facts
  • Jordan Sonnenblick was born on the fourth of July in 1967
  • He graduated high school in 1987
  • He also once taught eighth grade
  • Has written six books so far
  • Born in Missouri but moved to Pennsylvania
5 questions
  • What is the main character's name?
  • What kind of cancer does his little brother have?
  • Why does Steven turn Renee away when she comes to tutor him?
  • What is Steven's favorite instrument?
  • Who does Steven notice the least?
  • Steven Alper is a typical eighth-grader--smarter than some, a better drummer than most, but with the usual girl problems and family trials. Then, on October 7, his five-year-old brother, Jeffrey, falls, has a nosebleed that doesn't stop, and is diagnosed with leukemia. Mrs. Alper's days and nights revolve around getting Jeffrey to his chemotherapy treatments, and Mr. Alper retreats into a shell, coming out only occasionally to weep over the mounting medical bills. Steven becomes the forgotten son, who throws himself into drumming, even as he quits doing his homework and tries to keep his friends from finding out about Jeffrey's illness