welcome to turning point n.
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Welcome to Turning Point!

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Welcome to Turning Point! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Turning Point!. Please take a clicker. . Agenda. Turning Point Basics Question Point Turning Point Anywhere Importing scores into Gradebook Tips for teachers Your Turn!. I have created a turning point and used it with my students. True False. I have my own set of clickers.

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welcome to turning point

Welcome to Turning Point!

Please take a clicker.

  • Turning Point Basics
  • Question Point
  • Turning Point Anywhere
  • Importing scores into Gradebook
  • Tips for teachers
  • Your Turn!
basics always on the turning point tab
Basics – always on the turning point tab
  • Insert Slide - various types
  • Set default point value if using as a grade
  • Set correct answer (auto changes all others to incorrect)
  • Insert Object – countdown, correct answer indicator
    • This can be done at the end if you highlight all slides on the left.
why turning point
Why turning point?
  • Review
  • Formative assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Be careful not to give up on HOTS/HEAT!
standards based questions
Standards based questions
  • Tools
  • Standards
  • Selct subject and grade
  • Pull from bank
turning point anywhere
Turning Point Anywhere
  • Can be used to collect data without creating a turning point slideshow.
  • Use with a powerpoint, or ask questions orally.
  • Do not plug in white receiver.
  • The blue device is now the receiver.
importing to gradebook
Importing to Gradebook
  • Send LeeAnn Ahern an excel spreadsheet of your serial numbers
  • In gradebook, select a class
    • Click the arrow under the title of the class
    • Select Export Student Roster
    • Automap
    • Save and export (name each class, ex: period 1)
  • In TurningPoint, drop down the Participant box
    • Click import participant list
    • Select your file
    • Now, all of your classes are Participant Lists
play save data
Play & Save data
  • Insert the receiver
  • Open turning point
  • Open your file
  • Under Participant List (right side), select your first class
  • At the end of the game, click Save Session
  • Under reset, select SESSION
  • Remember to change the participant list between classes, save session, and reset session!
  • Another teacher is using Turning Point near your room
  • Clickers are red/orange, instead of green
  • Print an empty class list (under reports, grading) from gradebook so students make sure they take the right number.
  • If grading, don’t show right answers until the next day OR rearrange slides for different classes.
  • Keep a “cheat sheet” by your computer so you don’t skip a step and ruin your day
teacher cheat sheet
Teacher Cheat sheet
  • Plug in receiver BEFORE opening my slideshow
  • Open Turning Point
  • Select the correct participant list
  • Save session
  • Reset session
  • Change participant list for next class
teacher resources
Teacher Resources
  • See my webpage, Teacher Resources
  • T drive, northley, common, TECHNOLOGY