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HOLLYWOOD WATER AND SEWERAGE PROJECT Status Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOLLYWOOD WATER AND SEWERAGE PROJECT Status Report. St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission November 21, 2006. REASONS FOR STATUS REPORT.

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hollywood water and sewerage project status report


St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission

November 21, 2006

reasons for status report
  • The new developments of Broad Creek, Twin Ponds 2 and Sotterly Center are moving to construction and will require extension of the public water and sewer systems. Developers will finance a considerable portion of the cost of extending the infrastructure into the town center.
  • EPA Arsenic Rule requires drilling new deep wells into the Patapsco Aquifer for Fenwick Manor and Hollywood, or connect to the public system by January, 2008.
  • Need to update area property owners who were interested in public water and sewer in 2002:

- To explain preliminary design concepts.

- Provide preliminary cost estimates for water and sewerage construction - - Provide preliminary Users Charge estimates.

- Provide documentation for state and federal grant acquisition.

- To obtain public comments on whether to proceed with projects.

project purpose no 1 implement comprehensive plan smart growth
Project Purpose No.1Implement Comprehensive Plan/Smart Growth
  • Provide public water and sewerage service to the Hollywood Town Center in accordance with the recommendations of the St. Mary’s County Comprehensive Plan:
    • Essential for high density residential and commercial development.
    • Need to provide economical and expedient alternative to continued development of the Rural Preservation District.
project purpose no 2
Project Purpose No. 2
  • Need to respond to public’s interest in public water and sewer service.
map 3

Map 3

Sewer Survey Results

map 4

Map 4

Water Survey Results

project purpose no 3 health hazard abatement
Project Purpose No. 3Health Hazard Abatement
  • Need to provide public sewer service to failed septic systems and holding tanks located within the proposed Smart Growth priority funding area and the Holly Gaf Subdivision area.
  • Need to provide new water supply for Hollywood and Fenwick Manor because of high arsenic levels.
map 2

Map 2

Septic Problems and Holding Tanks

  • Construction cost still too high. In 2002 the cost estimate for the previous scope of work was $13.7 mil. Its now $22 mil.
  • State still has not approved current PFA Boundary. Will take +200 years to build-out at +20 EDUs per year. Too slow to justify using entire Town Center boundary. Without State approval of PFA, State and Federal grants and loans are not available.
  • Existing Hollywood Pumping Station’s capacity is limited to 920 EDU vs 4,807 EDU if the entire Town Center is developed.
map 5

Map 5

Map showing location of existing sewer and properties served.

  • Change type of sewerage system from gravity to pressure to reduce cost.
  • Shrink PFA to only Town Center properties abutting Mervel Dean Rd./Rte. 235 and Rt. 245, plus Broad Creek and Twin Ponds subdivisions.
  • Extend water service from the Lexington Park water system to Fenwick Manor and Hollywood to comply with EPA Arsenic Rule.
  • Split sewage flow. Send some through existing pumping station, send rest directly to Three Notch Rd interceptor.
hollywood town center phase 1 design criteria
Hollywood Town Center, Phase 1 Design Criteria


  • Total Acres = 712 977
  • Existing Developed Properties 311 336
  • Industrial Park WWPS Ca. 920
  • Potential EDUs @ 3.5/Ac.1 = 1119 1356
  • Projected Annual Growth Rate = 20 EDUs2
  • Years until build-out = 56 Yrs. 68 Yrs.
  • 1Can be increased to 5 EDU/acre
  • 2P&Z says to use 12-32 per year= Assume 20/yr
holly gaf
Holly Gaf

Approximately 145 EDU in Holly Gaf, and between Holly Gaf and the town center, are in need of sewer service.

  • No vacant lots, or houses with functional septic systems, outside of the town center will be served by public sewer, per current county and state policy!
sewer system design scope phase 1 downsized backbone system
Sewer System Design ScopePhase 1 – Downsized“Backbone System”
  • Construct low pressure grinder pump system along Rt. 235/Mervell Dean Rd. to Rt. 245 intersection, then along Rt.245 from Rt 235 intersection to Holly Gaf.
  • Within Town Center serve only adjacent properties. No laterals. Serve only existing structures outside of the Town Center that have failed and uncorrectable septic systems.
  • Grinder pumps are to be installed only for existing structures.
  • Pumping stations and force mains will be large enough to serve Phase 1 properties only. Limited capacity will be available for properties beyond Phase 1 for future growth
  • Existing Industrial Park pump (920 EDU) station to be used only for forcemain west side of Rte. 235. East side to be served by new station and forcemain to California Sleep-Inn.
sewer service beyond phase i
Sewer Service Beyond Phase I
  • Very limited capacity to extend service to undeveloped properties adjacent to Phase 1.
    • Expansion beyond current capacity must be financed by developers.
    • PFA enlargement to more than proposed Phase 1 area must first be approved by the State before service can be extended to these areas.
hollywood sewer project phase 1 preliminary cost estimate
Hollywood Sewer Project Phase 1Preliminary Cost Estimate
  • Rt.235/Sotterly Rd – Sleep-Inn ±$3.7 mil
    • Minus Developer Contribution ($1.0) mil
    • Metcom Share $2.7 mil
  • Holly Gaf/Rt. 245 +$2.6 mil

Total Cost +$5.3 mil

sewerage system potential cost full build out
Sewerage System Potential CostFull Build-out

EDUsPrelim. Estimate

  • Phase 1 1356 $5.3 mil
  • Full Build Out 4807 ± $22 mil
public water system project scope
Public Water System Project Scope
  • Extend Lexington Park Water System from St. Mary’s Industrial Park/California Sleep-Inn Express to Hollywood Town Center.
  • Pay to increase size of new Broad Creek/Twin Ponds2/Sotterly Center elevated water tank and well to provide storage capacity for the rest of Hollywood.
  • Extend service to Fenwick Manor and Hollywood water system to replace existing wells that are contaminated with arsenic.
  • Design system to serve the proposed Phase 1 service area only at maximum density of 3.5 EDU’s/acre (PFA min.)
  • Provide full fire flow.
  • No public water service beyond the Town Center, Phase I boundary except to reach Fenwick Manor.
public water system extension
Public Water System Extension
  • 4.5 miles of 12” water main
  • 1 new well into the Patapsco Aquifer
  • 1.0 mg elevated storage
  • Total Cost +$4.5 mil
    • Minus developer’s share ($1.4) mil
    • Metcom Share $3.1 mil
estimated monthly residential sewer and water charges
Estimated Monthly Residential Sewer and Water Charges

Water Sewer

  • One EDU (50 ff Minimum):
    • Benefit Assessment Charge $15.21 $31.75
    • Service Charge $18.53$22.21
    • Total $33.74 $53.96
  • One acre @ 177 ff.

Benefit Assessment Charges(3 EDUs) $53.84 $114.40

    • Sewer Service Chrg.(1 EDU) $18.53 $ 22.21
    • Total $ 72.37 $136.61
costs to connect
  • Metcom Connection Charges- No charges are currently proposed. All of the debt will be paid for by Benefit Assessment Charges. Connection charges should be considered as a way of reducing the monthly Benefit Assessment Charge.
  • Cost to connect:
    • Building sewer to grinder pump = $15/ft
    • Electric service to grinder pump = $175-$800
    • Abandonment of septic tank = $300
    • Building water piping to public water service = $15/ft

(Work to be arranged by building owners)

property specific user charge estimates
Property Specific User Charge Estimates
  • See www.metcom.org after December 1st, 2006
  • Reduce Phase 1 scope to, the proposed “backbone system” to reduce cost.
  • County should reduce size of town center in order to obtain Priority Funding Area approval from State. No loans or grants without it.
  • Ask U. S. Senators and Congressmen to earmark special Federal grant assistance for water and sewer system construction. System qualifies for Safe Drinking Water “disadvantaged” funding.
  • Request County Commissioners’ and County legislative delegation’ support for grant funding from State Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fee funds. Extensions of public sewer to failed septic systems is eligible for funding. Note: Limited funding available.