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The four seasons and Location PowerPoint Presentation
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The four seasons and Location

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The four seasons and Location - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organizations supporting education about standardization CWC International Doctoral Study Programme at University of Oulu Dr. Ari Pouttu The four seasons and Location. In spring nature awakens. Summers are green and mild. 160 km south of arctic circle.

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Organizations supporting education about standardizationCWC International Doctoral Study Programme at University of OuluDr. Ari Pouttu

the four seasons and location
The four seasons and Location

In spring nature awakens

Summers are green and mild

160 km south of arctic circle

Autumn colours

Crispy and snowy winters

key characteristics
Key Characteristics
  • Project based operation, all funding outside university budget > 40 projects.
  • Research partners include Tekes, Renesas Mobile, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Xilinx. Finnish Defence Forces, European Commission, European Defence Agency, European Space Agency, Patria, Insta, Elektrobit, Nethawk, Ponsse,…
  • Annual budget approximately 8 M EUR.
  • Staff 110, 19 nationalities
  • All new initiatives funded by own surplus, which is used for
    • CWC funded professorships (Currently 8)
    • Internal strategic research projects
    • Acquisition of high class research equipment
  • Professional organisation and project management with separated daily management and scientific management.

CWC Overview

cwc applied research arena
CWC Applied Research Arena

Tekijöiden sukunimet aakkosjärjestyksessä

essentials of the cwc international doctoral study programme
Essentials of the CWC International Doctoral Study Programme
  • Establishment and Funding of CWC DOC
  • Objectives of CWC DOC
  • Why to Study in the CWC Doctoral Study Programme?
  • Research Areas
  • Staff
  • Admission
  • Postgraduate Course Studies 40 cp
  • Practical Work with Standards

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

establishment and funding of cwc doc
Establishment and Funding of CWC DOC
  • The first new international professors and students begun to work within the framework of the CWC International Doctoral Study Programme on 4 June 2007.
  • The programme has received financial support from the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries in the form of a grant. In addition, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation has given indirect support for the programme through the Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) -programme.
  • All students receive salary from CWC’s research projects. In addition, some positions may be partly funded by external graduate schools, e.g. from Infotech Oulu Graduate School.
  • As of 2012 CWC DOC is part of the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS)

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

objectives of cwc doc 1
Objectives of CWC DOC [1]
  • CWC offers a motivating and inspiring working and studying environment that ensures efficient project work and consequently the creation of remarkable research results.
  • The CWC International Doctoral Study Programme helps students to focus on their own research topics with the support of courses and supervision drawing from leading edge research in wireless communications.
  • Efficient blending of project work and studies is easier through a well-structured curriculum taking into account students’ specific requirements.
  • Constant project cooperation with other research organisations and industry will provide students with skills that are of great value for their future career.

-> the path towards graduation becomes more straightforward.

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

objectives of cwc doc 2
Objectives of CWC DOC [2]
  • The graduating students possess a highly prized knowledge base and extensive capabilities in problem solving that companies will compete for.
  • From the very beginning 4-6 students will graduate from the International Doctoral Study Programme.
  • In addition to postgraduate courses, also visiting lectures, seminars and workshops are organised within the study programme.
  • CWC DOC creates direct value for the surrounding community by increasing the level of innovativeness and by creating possibilities for new research directions in cooperation with existing and new industry.

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

why to study in the cwc doctoral study programme
Why To Study in the CWC Doctoral Study Programme?
  • Efficient blend of project work and studies focusing on own research area
  • International top-quality research
  • Industry related real research projects
  • International conferences – networking
  • Big research group but close interaction between different project teams – possibility to learn new
  • Broad spectrum of courses offered and the possibility to affect the course offering

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

research areas
Research Areas
  • Signal Processing and Transceiver Design
  • Communication and Information Theory
  • Wireless Communication Systems and Networks

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

leading staff
Leading Staff
  • Professor Latva-aho Matti
  • Professor Iinatti Jari
  • Professor Juntti Markku
  • The International Doctoral Study Programme is closely linked with the Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) programme which currently funds the work of the following professors at CWC:

Prof. Behnaam Aazhang (USA)Prof. Ryuji Kohno (Japan) Prof. Tadashi Matsumoto (Japan)

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

postgraduate course studies
Postgraduate Course Studies
  • All university of Oulu doctoral programmes are organised under University of Oulu Graduate School (UNIOGS,
  • The duration of the doctoral training corresponds to four years of full-time study, but it can be completed in a longer time in the case of part-time work. The degree includes research work for the thesis, the publication and the public defense of the thesis, and, depending on the discipline, 20 to 50 ECTS credits of “taught” studies and/or other research-related activities. The goals of the studies are to deepen the student's knowledge of his/her own field, and to develop his/her general knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career.

Hanna Saarela| AIT 5 January 2009

practical work with standards
Practical Work with Standards
  • 90 % of the research work performed at CWC is funded outside university budget (Budget in total 8 M€) by National Funding Agencies, EU, ESA, EDA, Industries and institutional partners (e.g. Defence Forces) as co-operation projects or as commissioned research.
  • Long and Medium term research themes are developed together with partners – especially industries. We influence through ETPs to include the topics in EU future research agendas.
  • We invite experts to give intensive courses of new and emerging standards as well as invention and standardisation processes.
  • Current model: We produce Dr Tech-people who seek positions at our partner industries. Together with partners we produce results  our partners (e.g. NOKIA, NSN, Ericsson, operators) promote the results to standardisation (ITU, ETSI, 3GPP, IEEE)

Ari Pouttu| ITU Workshop

cwc research impact in cellular arena
CWC Research Impact in Cellular arena

LTE and IMT- Advanced

First Cognitive network phone call utilising 4 network technologies

Eventual 3G standard generation