Week at a glance 1 28 2 1 2013
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Week at a Glance 1/28-2/1 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week at a Glance 1/28-2/1 2013. Monday-Course Introduction Tuesday-Skills Assessment Computer lab-Rm 336 Wednesday-Registration for Course Computer lab-Rm 336 Thursday-Declaration of Independence & Introduction to TPE Computer lab-Rm 336 Friday-TPE Group work Computer lab Rm 336.

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Week at a glance 1 28 2 1 2013
Week at a Glance 1/28-2/1 2013

  • Monday-Course Introduction

  • Tuesday-Skills Assessment

    • Computer lab-Rm 336

  • Wednesday-Registration for Course

    • Computer lab-Rm 336

  • Thursday-Declaration of Independence & Introduction to TPE

    • Computer lab-Rm 336

  • Friday-TPE Group work

    • Computer lab Rm 336

Assignments due this week due date
Assignments Due this Week (due date)

  • Tuesday(1/29) Course Syllabus & printed receipt of Pre-Test

  • Wednesday(1/30): Skills Assessment-submitted through Engrade by 11:18am

  • Thursday(1/31): APA Homework submitted through Engrade by 11:18am

  • Friday(2/1): Downloaded TPE Exercise

January 28 2012
January 28, 2012

  • DO NOW: Take 1 Class Syllabus, 1 Maxwell Manuel & 1 How You Can Help Book

  • Objective: Introduction to the Course

  • Homework: Pre-Test, Class syllabus signed & Explore Websites

Supa paf 101


Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy

Instructor: J. Younghans

Location: Room 326 & Computer Lab Room 336

Syr paf 101

  • Bill Coplin

  • Director and Professor of Public Affairs

  • http://billcoplin.org./

  • Published more than 110 books and articles in fields of:

    • International Relations

    • Political Risk Analysis

    • Public Policy

    • College and High School Education

    • Doing Good

    • Contributor to USA-Today

Mission of paf 101 and the policy studies major
Mission of PAF 101 and the Policy Studies Major

  • Do Good

  • Do Well

  • Key Concepts Used as Tools

  • Principles for Civic Thought

Doing good
Doing Good

  • Working to improve and maintain society through service, meeting civic responsibilities and shaping public policy.

  • Respect the rights of others to do good as they define it by avoiding intimidation and violence unless they are faced with it from others.

Meet do gooders
Meet Do-Gooders

  • Through Reading and discussing How You Can Help, learn about

    • Mother Teresa

    • Ralph Nader

    • Nelson Mandela

    • Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America

    • Ben Franklin

  • Through class speakers

    • Linda Knapp, Middletown School Board President

    • Andrew Warren, Habitat for Humanity

    • Sgt. Kahlil, Middletown Police Department

Genuine do gooders
Genuine Do-Gooders

  • People who work to improve the world rather than pretend to prove the world.

  • Takes skills, character and a grasp of reality.

Materials for class
Materials for Class

  • The Maxwell Manuel

  • How You Can Help

  • Flash drive-strongly recommended

  • Computer with Internet access & ability to print-see me if there is a problem

  • 2 in binder with dividers

    • Modules

    • Current Events

    • 3CSkills

    • Government Meetings

    • Misc


  • Modules-60%

  • Current Events-15%

  • 3CSkills- 15%

  • Participation & Government Meetings-10%

Modules 60

To learn by doing, you will be playing three roles:

  • Doing Papers (Modules)

Modules 601

To learn by doing, you will be playing three roles:

  • Doing Papers (Modules)

Course materials on website
Course Materials on Website

  • Website contains vital information for course

  • Printouts are mandatory for modules and daily class participation

  • Newsletters are useful and also recommended

  • Power Points from Lecture are on the Site

  • http://JyounghansMHS@edublogs.org

  • or

  • http://classes.maxwell.syr.edu/paf101

Current events 15
Current Events-15%

  • In groups of 3

  • 2 Presentations for the Semester

  • Reviews current Public Policy in the news from local, state & federal

Where to find newspaper articles
Where to Find Newspaper Articles

  • Post-Standard http://syracuse.com/poststandard

  • USA-Today http://usatoday.com

  • New York Times http://nytimes.com/

  • Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/

You can subscribe free to email newsletters
You Can Subscribe Free to Email Newsletters

  • USA Today: http://reg.e.usatoday.com/

  • NYTimes: http://www.nytimes.com/gst/regi.html

  • Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?node=admin/registration/register&destination=register&nextstep=gather

3cskills presentations 15
3CSkills Presentations-15%

  • In groups of 3

  • 2 Presentations for the Semester-your group teaches the class that skill

  • Indicated Skill set-refer to table of due dates

  • Weblink with lesson: http://www.3cskills.org/

Paf 101 introduces you to the skills employers want
PAF 101 Introduces You to the Skills Employers Want

Participation government meetings 10
Participation & Government Meetings-10%

  • Other in and out of class assignments

  • Attendance at 3 government meetings with written form and presentations

  • Refer to table of dates for due dates

Other requirements
Other Requirements

  • Pre-Test Questionnaire-within 5 days of the beginning of class

  • Post-Test Questionnaire-5 days prior to the end of the semester

  • Send Assignment 11.1 to Professor Coplin

  • 5 hours of Community Service

    • Lose 35 points from MOD 5 if you do not do this

  • Extra Credit: Arrange Guest Speaker, Complete extra hours of Community service, attend additional meetings, etc

Tonight s assignment
Tonight’s Assignment

  • Take the Pre-Test- Receipt Due 1/29

    • Go to Web Site

    • Click Module 1

    • Click Pre-Test

    • Complete the test and bring the receipt to class.

  • Student/Parent Signature of Class Syllabus

  • Visit & Explore both websites

1 30 13

  • DO NOW-Hand in Course Syllabus signed and Pre-Test Receipt

  • OBJECTIVES: Skills Assessment

  • Homework: Read Chapter 1 in the Maxwell Manuel-Take notes

  • Finish Skills Assessment Part

Skills assessment 1
Skills Assessment #1

  • http://jyounghansmhs.edublogs.org/

  • Click on Module 1

  • Click on Skills Assessment #1

  • Complete Parts A-C

  • Due at the Beginning of Class tomorrow


  • Finish Skills Assessment #1

  • Turn in on Engrade by 10:33am on1/31

  • Late if after 10:33on 1/31

  • Must be typed

  • Reading Chapter 1

1 30 131

  • DO NOW-Log onto the Computer

  • Objective: Register for SUPA PAF 101 Course

  • Homework: APA Homework-Downloaded from JyounghansMHS & Download and review TPE


  • http://jyounghansmhs.edublogs.org/

  • Click on MOD 1

  • Click and Download APA Homework

  • Must be typed and submitted by 11:18 on 1/31

  • Late if submitted after 11:18 on 1/31

1 31 13

  • DO NOW-Log onto the Computer

  • Objective

  • Homework-Download and read through TPE Exercise on http://jyounghansmhs.edublogs.org/

Paf 101


Module 1, Lecture 2

“If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. DO GOOD ANYWAY.”


Mother teresa
Mother Teresa

  • August 26, 1910 - September 5, 1997

  • “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” — Mother Teresa

A story about mother teresa
A Story About Mother Teresa

  • She asks a rich businessman for a contribution as she held out her right hand

  • He spit in her hand

  • How did she respond?

Mother teresa a genuine do gooder
Mother Teresa –A Genuine Do-Gooder

Be Self-less --No

Give it your all --No

Be competent—Yes

Public policy is about doing good
Public Policy Is About Doing Good

  • Declaration of Independence is the mission statement for our public policy in America and the rest of the world.

Three values of the declaration of independence
Three Values of the Declaration of Independence

  • Life

    Health and Personal Safety

  • Liberty

    Speech and Choice

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    Economic Opportunity

    Clean Environment

Declaration of independence
Declaration of Independence

In your opening paragraph you use the phrase “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” What are these laws? In what way are they the criteria on which you base your central arguments?

In the same paragraph, you refer to the “opinions of mankind.” Whose polling data are you using?

If they are as evident as you claim, then it should not be difficult for you to locate appropriate statistics.

I hope this critique will assist you in preparing a declaration that may receive serious consideration for the crown.

Let s look at the problem of poverty
Let’s Look At the Problem of Poverty

  • Analytical Approach—Minimum standards for everyone in health, education, safety, etc.

  • Rhetorical/BS Approach—Inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor

Who is to blame
Who Is To Blame

  • The System---Capitalism generates inequality which generates poverty

  • The Individual---People don’t accept their responsibility for their own success

  • Where do you think the blame is in pollution?


  • Capitalism is based on competition where merit is valued more than equality

  • Poverty is a necessary by-product and a major cause of societal problems

  • Reducing the negative effects of poverty

Why we fall short of the goals of the declaration of independence
Why We Fall Short of the Goals of the Declaration of Independence

  • Foolish Freedom

    The pursuit of freedom as an end in itself threatens the public interest.

    “Give me liberty or give me death”

    -Patrick Henry

Examples of foolish freedom
Examples of Foolish Freedom Independence

  • Substance abusers

  • Talkers on car phones while driving

  • Radar detectors

  • People who refuse to work

  • Criminals of all kinds

  • Business leaders who care only about the bottom line

  • Politicians who can’t control their urge to win at all costs.

Foolish freedom and poverty
Foolish Freedom and Poverty Independence

  • Middle and upper class don’t want to share

  • Lower class do not take advantage of opportunities

Effective public policy requires
Effective Public Policy Requires Independence

  • Enlightened Self-Interest which means more people acting in the public interest

  • Solid information and analysis

Tonight Independence

  • Homework-Download and read through TPE Exercise on http://jyounghansmhs.edublogs.org/

2 1 13
2/1/13 Independence

  • DO NOW: Open TPE Exercise

  • Objective: TPE Introduction & Work on TPE in Groups

  • HOMEWORK: Work on TPE---Can discuss through Engrade discussion

  • Read Chapter 1: Establishing A Work Ethic

Three values of the declaration of independence1
Three Values of the Declaration of Independence Independence

  • Life

    Health and Personal Safety

  • Liberty

    Speech and Choice

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    Economic Opportunity

    Clean Environment

3 parts of public policy
3 Parts of Public Policy Independence

  • Identify Societal Problem-Something wrong

  • Identify the Pubic Policy

  • Identify the Players

Seven societal problem areas
Seven Societal Problem Areas Independence

  • Crime

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Housing

  • Jobs/ economic development

  • Poverty

Tpe exercise
TPE Exercise Independence

  • What are the Problems at this school?

    • Can’t be a rule that you don’t like

  • Example: Late to class, Cyber bullying, below average graduation rates, etc

Assignment 1
Assignment 1 Independence

  • Complete Assignment 1 by 6:00pm on Sunday

  • Email or send through Engrade