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AUSTRALIA. History , Culture and Info of the smallest continent. Australia as a country.

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History, Culture and Info of the smallestcontinent

Australia as a country
Australia as a country

  • Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It’s official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world by landmass.

  • 22 milion people live in Autralia. About 60% live in and around the mainland state capitalslike Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Australia’s capital city is Cannberra


  • Australia, New Guinea, New Zeland and many otherislands on the AustraliantectonicplatearetogethercallesAustralasia. They form one of the world’sgreaterecozone. Whenother Pacific islandsareincluded, the term is Oceania.


  • Australia's landmass of 7,617,930 square kilometers is on the Indo-Australian plate.

  • The continent of Australia, including the island of Tasmania, was separated from the other continents of the world many millions of years ago. Because of this, many animalsand plants live in Australia that are not found anywhere else. These include animals like the kangaroo, the koala, the emu, thekookaburra, and the platypus.


People first arrived in Australia more than 50,000 years ago. These native Australians are called theAustralianAborigines. For the history of Australia, see History of Australia.

Most of the Australian colonies, having been settled from Britan, became mostly independent democratic states in the 1850s and all six combined as a federation on 1of the January 1901

Exploration ago. These native Australians are called the

Because Australia is such a very large land, it was easy to think that it might be able to hold a very large number of people. In the early days of the colony, a great number of explorers went out, searching for good land to settle on. When the settlers looked west from Sydney, they saw a range of mountains which they called the BlueMountians. They were not very high and did not look very rugged but for many years no-one could find their way through them. In 1813 Gregory Blaxland, William Lawsonand a 17 year-old called William Charles Wentworth crossed the Blue Mountains and found land on the other side which was good for farming. A road was built and the GovernorLachlan Macquarie founded the town of Bathurst on the other side, 100 miles from Sydney.

The commonwealth of australia
The Commonwealth of Australia ago. These native Australians are called the

  • Until 1901, Australia was not a nation, it was six separate colonies governed by Britain. They voted to join together to form one new country, called the Commonwealth of Australia, in 1901. Australia was still part of the British Empire, and for at first wanted only British or Europeans to come to Australia. But soon it had its own money, and its own Army and Navy.

Culture ago. These native Australians are called the

  • Australia was colonised by people from Britainbut today people from all over the world live there. English in the main spoken language, and Christianity is the main religion though all religions are accepted and not everybody has a religion. Australia ismulticultural, which means that all its people are helped to keep their different languages, religions and ways of life, while also learning English and joining in with other Australians.

Politics ago. These native Australians are called the

  • Australia is made up of sixstatesand three mainland territories. Each of state and territory has its own Parliament and makes its own local laws. The Parliament of Australiasits in Canberra and makes laws for the whole country, also known as the Commonwealth or Federation.

  • The Federal government is led by the Prime Minister of Australia, who is the member of Parliament chosen as leader. The current Prime Minister is Julia Gillard, who replaced Kevin Rudd, elected in June 2010. She is the leader of a political party called the Australian Labor Party. The other main party is the Liberal Party

  • The leader of Australia is the Prime Minister, although the Governor-General represents the Queen of Australia, who is also the Queen of Great Britain, as head of state. The Governor-General, currently, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, is chosen by the Prime Minister.

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Thanks for watching my presentation ago. These native Australians are called the

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