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  1. Respect We would like to welcome staff, students, parents, guardians and grandparents to our assembly today. Please stand for O’ Canada.

  2. Respect • To respect someone means to have a high opinion of him or her-to really like how that person acts. • Earning the respect of others is part of living a successful life, but before we can earn the respect of others, we must first learn to respect ourselves. In Mexico, they say it this way: • You will not be respected unless you respect yourself. • (No tendrasrespetosi no terespetas a timismo.) • When we behave in ways that are respectful, we have better self-respect. And, of course, when we behave in a respectful way, others are more likely to be respectful toward us.

  3. Respect • Today think about some ways in which you aren’t always respectful to others. Look for ways you can improve in those areas. You’ll feel better about yourself and earn a little more respect from those around you. • I am excited to introduce some special guests we have with us today…. • Please welcome Laura Morrison, a cross country/track athlete from McMaster University. • Please welcome another McMaster Maurauder, Joey Cupido, a football player and a professional lacrosse athlete.

  4. Respect Award Winners • I would now like to invite Meghan up to teach us more about Respect. • Now it is time to celebrate our students who have been chosen to receive an award this month. • Congratulations to… • Kyle Mason • & • Madilyn Kearns • In Mr. Davy’s class:

  5. Respect • In Mr. Kolodziej’s class we congratulate… • Cameron Holmes • and • Travis Jansen • In Mrs. Lambert’s class we celebrate… • Josh Reis-Machin • & • Rylie Fagan

  6. Respect • In Mrs. Iavarone’sclass we recognize… • Bella Hood • & • Lucas Scobie • In Mrs. Breen-Buckley’s class we congratulate… • Elijah Kinsman • & • JalynnFalsetti

  7. Respect Award Winners • Mrs. Woodcroft has nominated… • Rebecca Scobie • & • Meghan Loten • Mrs. Watson would like to acknowledge… • Zander Russell • & • Evin Jansen

  8. Respect Award Winners • In Mrs. Wolf’s class we are proud of.. • Aurora Quinn • And finally… • In Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Dube-Ringel & Mrs. Hils class… • RichelleHodds • & • Kate Parkinson

  9. Congratulations!!! • Congratulations to all of our award winners! • I would like to take this opportunity to thank our student leaders Josiah, Hannah and Meghan for their fabulous work with today’s assembly. • As we leave the assembly today, consider these words of wisdom… • How many times have you heard this? • “Pick up those clothes off the floor.” • “Wipe your feet before you come in.” • “Take your shoes off in the house.”

  10. Words of Wisdom… • So, what’s up with all of that? What’s up is that your parents or caregivers are trying to teach you about Respect. They want to teach you to respect all the hard work they do to buy the couch and buy the clothes, and they want you to show some respect for the cleaning and the washing they’ve done so you can live in a clean home and wear clean clothes. • So next time you hear someone say “Clean up your room,” remember that someone loves you enough to teach you about respect. • With something to think about, this is Mrs. McLaughlin. Make it a GREAT day or not…the choice is yours.

  11. Dismissal • Students, please wait for direction from your teacher before exiting the gym.