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Alpha Rain-Facts about Hail Damage PowerPoint Presentation
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Alpha Rain-Facts about Hail Damage

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Alpha Rain-Facts about Hail Damage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alpha Rain-Facts about Hail Damage

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  1. HAIL DAMAGE How much do you charge for a roof inspection, and meeting with the insurance company and working with them to complete my claim? We do not charge for any of the items listed above. We do ask that you use us for the roofing project if the insurance company pays to replace your roof and we ask for that in writing. Helping the Insurance Company? The insurance company wants you to choose the cheapest roofing company in order to save them money! You get to choose your roofing company and the insurance company has to pay fair market value. We will work with the Insurance Company on price in order to be fair for both parties. If the roof is not leaking after the hail storm how can there be damage? The deceiving thing about hail damage is normally it will not show up until a couple of years later once the roof has completely deteriorated and is at the end of its life. Can I make an Insurance Claim on my roof due to hail dam Yes you can, in fact if you have hail damage to your roof it is the insurance companies responsibility to assess your damage and replace your roof if it is totaled due to hail. Can I wait until my roof leaks and then make an insurance claim? You only have 2 years from the time that the hail storm occurred to make a claim with your insurance company. Most of the time once your roof starts leaking due to hail damage it will be past the 2 year mark, in which case the insurance company will not pay, and will deny the claim if you try and make one. How does your roofing company, Alpha Rain, know anything about insurance lingo, and what the p We require that all our salesmen/project managers have an adjuster’s license from the state of Texas before they are able to work with home owners with hail damaged roofs. If you are in seek of any type of roofing service, then contact Alpha Rain at 540­222­1642 W W W . A L P H A R A I N . C O M