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Freezing Rain/Hail

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Freezing Rain/Hail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Freezing Rain/Hail. Priya Jain and Jess Brighton. Definition of Freezing Rain/Hail. 1. Pellets of Frozen Rain 2. Rain that falls at cold temperatures and freezes upon contact. . How Hail is formed. Conditions : Must be inside a Thunderstorm

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Freezing Rain/Hail

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    1. Freezing Rain/Hail Priya Jain and Jess Brighton

    2. Definition of Freezing Rain/Hail • 1. Pellets of Frozen Rain • 2. Rain that falls at cold temperatures and freezes upon contact.

    3. How Hail is formed • Conditions : Must be inside a Thunderstorm • Water droplets are picked up by updrafts in a thunderstorm and are frozen • It falls and thaws • It gets picked up by another updraft, and is frozen again. • The more times this happens, the more layers of ice are formed, and it eventually falls to the Earth.

    4. How Freezing Rain is formed • Conditions: It has to be winter, and a warm mass of air has to be present • There’s a warm mass of air between the ground and cloud deck levels of the atmosphere. • When rain falls from the cloud deck, it’s snow. It meets this warm mass of air and melts. • There’s a huge cold mass of air near the ground (or normal cold mass, not the warm air) and it hits and quickly freezes into ice • This is why you see long “droplets” of freezing rain off cars and trees

    5. Diagram of Hail and Freezing Rain

    6. How Hail Affects Humans • Well, NASA’s shuttle ATLANTIS was damaged in a hailstorm pretty extensively. This was back in 2007, and caused damage to the shuttle’s wings and tanks. • Hail can kill people, if they’re outside when golf-ball sized hail or larger is falling. • It also causes property damage, cars, roofs and windows are the most commonly damaged. • Pets are also known to suffer fatalities when left outside. • Crops can be adversely affected by large quantities of hail

    7. How Freezing Rain Affects Humans • It’s incredibly slippery. • Seriously, don’t walk on it. • Trees are sometimes laden with heavy ice, and they will snap and destroy property, take down power lines etc. • Driving is dangerous. It always is, but even more so when the roads are slick with ice.

    8. Safety and Preparations for Hail and Freezing Rain • If it’s hailing, don’t stand outside. • Move your cars inside, and your pets • Drive carefully or not at all when there’s ice on the road • If there’s ice on the road, use skates.

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