the australian law students association annual general meeting n.
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The Australian Law Students’ Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING PowerPoint Presentation
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The Australian Law Students’ Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

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The Australian Law Students’ Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Australian Law Students’ Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Sunday 14 July 2013. Motion. That nominations for all positions on the ALSA Executive and Committee 2013-2014 be reopened until 1:45pm AWST. Proposed : Callum Davidson Seconded: Anthony Lieu

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That nominations for all positions on the ALSA Executive and Committee 2013-2014 be reopened until 1:45pm AWST.

Proposed: Callum Davidson

Seconded: Anthony Lieu

Submit your nomination at

convenor report


Convenor report

July Council 2013

Callum Davidson and Jo-Ann Chan

to be covered
To be covered
  • Logistics
  • Competitions
  • Education & Social Justice/Careers
  • Socials
  • Finance
  • Other reforms
  • Legacy of Conference 2013
  • Jo – Conference Financial Statement
our conference philosophy
Our Conference philosophy
  • Taking Conference in a bit of a different direction
    • Bigger focus on Education (addition specific Social Justice aspect)
    • Careers spun out into own portfolio
  • Providing value within the registration price as much as possible e.g.
    • Buses
    • Carry cup discounts
    • Drinks deals
  • Less packed itinerary, higher quality events
  • Organising Committee very fresh to Conference
  • Pre-Conference registration was OK….
    • Many LSSs missed extended deadlines
  • Don’t schedule your competitions GFs after the end of May!!! (or just use people from last year)
  • Massive bitch job for Tegan in terms of allocating people to accommodation
  • Failure of Heads of Delegation to communicate with their dels
  • Two hotels worked reasonably well in practice – unforeseen issues with MC by and large dealt with
  • Seriously, STFU in the MC
  • We won registration
  • Tried to improve efficiency wherever possible through e.g. transportation
  • Two hotels consented to April 2012
  • Bed sharing discussed April 2012…and July 2012…and September 2012 (motion passed)…and April 2013
  • Council catering
  • Proposals to “reduce the quality” of accom
    • It isn’t really that simple
    • You need to be prepared to have a lot less perks
  • Having all competitions in one place MUCH better
  • However…UWA charged us for the use of rooms:

$20,972Originally $34,925

  • Council, Internet and printing issues got sorted relatively quickly
  • Logistics improved throughout prelims
  • Mistakes were sorted out as fast as possible
    • Competitors’ expectations need to be way more realistic
  • Conference Board of Appeals
  • Good job from a Comps team that had no previous Conference experience
  • Problems:
    • Not enough witnesses/clients
    • Some logistical issues were not thought about in advance
    • Judge shortfall but not nearly as bad as 2012
    • Some sponsors were terrible at providing judges and/or questions
  • Reforms – my opinion
    • 4 rounds – basically impossible UNLESS BOTH:
    • N-3
    • Cap
education social justice careers
Education & Social Justice/Careers
  • Focus on substantive issues in the law
  • New initiatives:
    • Community Day
    • Beyond Corporate Careers Forum
    • Equity Luncheon
    • Twilight Drinks
    • Conference Bursary
  • Careers Fair just cannot be a thing at Conference
  • Generally very well planned and executed by Joel (PS Closing will be amazing)
  • Things changed quite a bit on the fly (esp Opening) but Joel dealt with it beautifully
  • I emphasise the important of written contracts!!!
  • Generally relations between ALSA Main & Conference pretty good
  • Conference received quite a bit of assistance from ALSA Main right at the end with extras
  • Sponsorship – Corinne & I worked well to make sure problems with sponsors were dealt with
  • We got a reasonable amount of in-kind sponsorship
other reforms
Other reforms
  • Convenor on Executive
  • Second Sponsorship Officer
  • Proposed – reduce the fanciness of Opening Gala
legacy of conference 2013
Legacy of Conference 2013
  • Student judges – specifically allowed
  • LSS clients and witnesses – specifically allowed
  • New Appeals by-law
  • Corporate and non-corporate careers events
  • Conference Bursary
  • Community Day