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  1. ‘A real pleasure to do business with. Adele is friendly, knowledgeable,informative and goes out of her way to help you as much as possible.’ Sean Bennett, Senior Designer, S Magazine ‘Adele is a joy to work with. She's bright and enthusiastic and always puts lots of energy into her work. She is great at delivering what I need to know about her clients and always pitches news ideas for articles where her clients can feature. She's good at giving me quick bullet points when I might not have time to talk at length about press releases, and that's the most impressive of all in this demanding job.’ Vicki Marie Cossar, Editorial, Metro ‘Adele is great to work with and so efficient, always sending me just what I need when I need it. She understands how I work and what I like so I only ever end up with product that I am most likely going to shoot. I have known Adele for her whole career and believe 100% in her ability to PR any company successfully.’ Gemma Hayward, Senior Fashion Stylist, The Independent ‘I have always found Adele to be one of the most efficient PRs around - fast in response, proactive with ideas and effective in building the best relationships between press and client.’ Josh Sims, Freelancer, FT, Daily Mail, Ritz magazine... ‘I have worked with Adele at the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror, and have always been hugely impressed with her. She has an almost telepathic ability to know what journalists want, and to provide it to insanely tight deadlines. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.’ Tom Bailey, Editor, Outre Magazine ‘Not only is Adele one of the friendliest, most fabulous, hard-working PR's she's also super efficient. I'm always calling on her for last minute samples and releases which she gets over to me at the drop of a hat!’Sally Dixon, Fashion Director, Cosmopolitan Bride

  2. ‘Adele is a great pr.  She is personable, professional and really reliable.  She seems to focus a lot of her energy into promoting her clients to a really high level and works extremely hard to satisfy us journalists, at the same time by providing all the information we need on her clients quickly and competently.  Her friendly nature makes her an immediate pleasure to work with, and her great rapport means you actually remember who she is amongst the sea of prs!’ Jemma Tibbals, Junior Fashion Editor, ‘Adele Woodthorpe is as charming as she is convincing. Ever ready to help, she’s always represented her clients in a clear, concise and appealing manner.’ Mark Hedley, Deputy Editor, Square Mile Magazine ‘Adele is always on hand to help with any of my press requirements, even last-minute ones, and is extremely efficient with it. It is always a pleasure to work with her.’ Carly Stevens, Fashion, Celebs on Sunday ‘Adele understands PR more than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She is a complete professional when it comes to dealing with journalists - she doesn’t waste our time and provides us with the right information to give maximum coverage. Her passion and drive for her work and her clients is so infectious that she always has me believing in the products just as much as she does. An absolute pleasure to work with.’ Kelly Allen, Features, OK magazine ‘Adele is very friendly, likable and lovely she is efficient and organised, and has great communication skills. I can always rely on her to send me valuable and reliable information that makes my job easier and the magazine better. Her cheeriness and enthusiasm are fantastic traits in a PR and I love working with her.’ Anna Rimmer Deputy Fashion Editor, new! Magazine ‘Adele has always managed to pr her clients in such a charming way that you have no idea you've been pr'd.Always friendly and efficient a winner combination.’ Peta Hunt, Fashion Director, You & Your Wedding

  3. ‘Adele is a fantastic pr and a pleasure to work with. She is very reliable and extremely efficient at getting samples and information to me quickly. She is very passionate about the brands she represents, and at the same time she is aware of the needs of the publications she is pitching to.’Samantha Webster, Shoot Director, Live Night and Day, Mail On Sunday The speed in which Adele has grown Woodthorpe Communications is testimony to her enthusiasm and ability to instill confidence and professionalism between client and press. Adele has an addictive personality which makes her a pleasure to work with.  Marcus Jaye, Creative Director,