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Blow Your Mind Link Building

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Blow Your Mind Link Building. presented by Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts. High Value Link Targets. Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) Because of the logarithmic nature of PageRank, it’s a more reliable metric the higher the score

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blow your mind link building

Blow Your Mind Link Building

presented by Stephan Spencer,Founder & President, Netconcepts

high value link targets
High Value Link Targets
  • Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)
  • Because of the logarithmic nature of PageRank, it’s a more reliable metric the higher the score
  • PR10s:,,,,
  • Adobe has nine PR10 pages
  • PR9s:, Members & Press pages
  • Want a longer list? Email me (no promises though!)
build a link building spider
Build a Link Building Spider
  • Look for sites one-click away from Google
  • Look for sites with super high PageRank
  • With preference for sites that already give link love to patron/sponsor
  • Populate a database with all that site data
  • Want specifics? – announcement tomorrow in Give It Up session, including methodology and screenshots
  • Hint: It involves Google Directory
link build your existing links
Link Build Your Existing Links
  • Mine your existing backlinks for opportunities to revise the anchor text. Pull some favors with friends who link to you. It helps to be a blogger when reaching out to other bloggers.
  • Great tools for this:
    • Backlink Anchor Text Analysis tool (
    • SEOMoz’s Backlink Anchor Text Analysis tool (
    • SEOBook’s Backlink Analyzer (
networking in the blogosphere
Networking in the Blogosphere
  • Comment on blogs that “dofollow” comment links
    • e.g. Mark Cuban’s, Rimm-Kaufman Group’s
  • Submit to blog carnivals. Host one (requires that you have a blog). Start a new one.
  • Be a contributor to a group blog (e.g., Blog)
  • Be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog (e.g.*,
networking in the blogosphere1
Networking in the Blogosphere
  • Get involved via comments and build rapport before requesting a link. Find old inactive "free" hosted blogs (, Blogspot) with a relevant theme to and request their login credentials. Offer “consideration” in return. ($5? $50?)
    • Source: David Patterson
  • A Tip Jar indicates the blogger is desperate for cash and more apt to take payment for links.
  • Have the blogger install a WordPress plugin that injects links “naturally”?
paid links
Paid Links
  • Manufacturing “linkauthority” vs. focusing yourexisting link authority
  • Don’t try artificially creatinglink authority through paidlinks
  • Focus link authority thrua strategic few paid links
  • Source: LinkExperts







redistribute home page link authority
Redistribute Home Page Link Authority
  • Improves quality of Google SERPs for “Long Tail” non-brand search terms
  • “Sculpt” your backlinks to focus your link authority
  • Two levels of improvement:
    • Redistribute a % of your homepage’s inbound links to relevant sub-pages. Increase the PageRank which will amplify that page’s link authority for page’s keyword themes
    • Ask them to change the anchor text too to see further gains
  • Paid link? Yes, potentially, but editorially earned, so OK
  • Credit to Brian Klais for helping me generate & refine this concept
conditionally 301 inbound affiliate links
Conditionally 301 Inbound Affiliate Links
  • Be like Amazon 
    • (Credit to Brian Klais for hypothesizing Amazon was doing this)
  • This only works if you manage your own affiliate program. Most are outsourced and 302  (e.g. C.J.)
    • Examples of affiliate solutions that pass on the PageRank to the merchant: LinkConnector, DirectTrack
  • Also demand a naked link on their Legal Notices page
    • Under the guise of a disclosure statement stating that they are an affiliate of the merchant and that neither party is an agent, partner, joint venturer, franchisor, franchisee, employer or employee of the other

Status Code

200 for humans

networking in meatspace
Networking in Meatspace
  • Build relationships with bloggers by networking with them at blogger conferences, unconferences and meetups
  • Register and attend conferences that link to their attendees (e.g. WordCamp, Lockergnome)
  • Contribute to conference wikis (where you’ve attended!)
  • Give free talks at libraries, campuses (e.g. Stanford TechBriefings)
  • Get involved with local Meetups and get your member profile page linked from the meetup’s page, which will pass juice to your profile then on to your site
  • Invite W3C to speak. Get a link to your event on
  • To charities, nonprofits, professional organizations, environmental activists, schools, sports teams, etc.
  • Become a member of the organization
  • Cash or in-kind donations
  • Examples
    • Kohl’s supports the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association
    • OpenTracker donated their tool to International Dark Sky Association
    • Numerous corporations donate to the Red Cross and get links/mentions on
    • W3C membership (too bad the PR9 Members page no longer passes juice!). W3C Sponsors page neutered long ago too.
  • Contribute to Wikipedia
    • Build up your street cred (virtuous contribution history, user profile) before doing anything at all self-serving. A link on a high-profile article is worth gold, as it builds your credibility & visibility with journalists and bloggers
  • Contribute to other wikis e.g. the NewPR Wiki (, the WordPress Codex (
  • Create your own wiki (e.g.
link baiting viral content
Link Baiting – Viral Content
  • Videos:
    • Eepybird’s Bellagio Fountain of Diet Coke + Mentos
    • BlendTec’s “Will It Blend?”
    • Heroes spoof commercial (“Zeroes”) – an NBC creation
    • John Cleese Backup Trauma webisode
    • Intuit’s “Tax Rap” content
    • SolarDave’s SMX spoof with cut-out figures as the actors
    • “Hat Swap” spoof of “Wife Swap” reality show w/ SEOs
link baiting viral content1
Link Baiting – Viral Content
  • Quizzes/Personality Tests:
    • Which Superhero Are You?
    • Which SEO Superhero are you?
  • Widgets:
    • Swicki
    • Grey’s Anatomy
link baiting viral content2
Link Baiting – Viral Content
  • Microsites:
    • SEO Eye for the Google Guy (Queer Eye spoof, makeover team optimizes Matt Cutts’ blog)
link baiting utilities
Link Baiting – Utilities
  • Write a WordPress plugin
    • Personality Test, Gizoogle, Tip Jar w/ Reputation/feedback, Testimonials, Wikipedia, Linked In, MyBlogLog, “Introduce Yourself”, SEO Testing, DMCA Submitter, Popular Searches
    • Netconcepts’ “SEO Title Tag” plugin ( was the most successful link bait we’ve ever done
    • Netconcepts’ “WordPress Quiz” plugin for personality tests just released ( Example site:
  • Write a Firefox extension
    • Aaron’s Walls’ “SEO for Firefox”
  • Release software as Open Source
work through an intermediary
Work Through an Intermediary
  • Build/buy a resource site that funnels PageRank to you. for example,
  • Take on clients with high PageRank, e.g. nonprofits
stroke egos
Stroke Egos
  • Wax poetic about products, services, authors, organizations, etc. Get links for free!
  • Get your testimonial onto their testimonial page or home page:
  • Gotta love the irony! Go, Google!
  • Write about the W3C. Get a link on their PR9 Press page
hunt for commonalities
Hunt for Commonalities
  • Write a script to process Yahoo Site Explorer TSV files
    • Eliminate img src “links” and nofollowed links
    • Look for commonalities among datasets
    • Easiest to filter, sort when imported into a database
  • Thumbshots Ranking Tool
  •’s “Common Co-Citation” tool and “You and Your Competitor’s Common Backlinks” tool
  • Aaron’s Wall’s Hubfinder (
  • This Powerpoint can be downloaded from
  • For three hours of screencasts on link building, email
  • Questions after the show? Email me at