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Logistic personnel

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Logistic personnel. Personnel . Logistical planning and execution is complex.

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  • Logistical planning and execution is complex.

Trained and qualified personnel must be available to perform the host of embarkation duties. Assigning personnel must be carefully done, as embarkation becomes their primary duty during deployment preparations, execution, and redeployment.

unit commander
  • The unit commander has overall responsibility for unit embarkation readiness. Familiarity of the following embarkation operations elements and the unit embarkation program provides a baseline of information to address embarkation issues
logistics officer
  • The unit embarkation officer represents the commander in all embarkation matters.
logistics officer1

They are a member of an armed force responsible for overseeing the supplying of an army, both at home and abroad. Logistics Officers can be stationary on military bases or deployed as an active part of a field army, air wing, or naval force. The responsibilities of Logistics Officers vary, depending on where they are deployed and what tasks they are assigned. In addition, different countries, have different roles for Logistics Officers. The main role of these officers remains the same regardless of where they are stationed; to ensure that the fighting force is supplied with enough food, water, fuel and ammunition to complete the task at hand.

logistics snco chief
  • Logistics/embarkation SNCO / chiefs are assigned down to the Battalion / company level. They are formally trained in logistics / embarkation and assist the unit embarkation officer with his duties. Unit embarkation SNCO / Chiefs should be capable of fulfilling all MOS requirements.
logistics snco chief1

The logistics/mobility chief coordinates, plans, conducts and supervises logistics, embarkation, and landing support operations throughout the Marine Corps. They are also responsible for unit level logistics and embarkation training. They coordinate all combat logistics functions to deploy and sustain Marine combat forces. Logistics/mobility chiefs also serve as Combat Cargo Assistants (CCAs) onboard naval amphibious staffs and ships. They serve on General officer staffs to conduct planning and execution of deployments at the strategic level. Logistics/mobility chiefs articulate command strategic mobility requirements both present and future to appropriate agencies

logistics nco

Logistics/embarkation specialists are assigned down to the battalion / company level. They are formally trained in logistics/embarkation and assist the unit embarkation SNCO / Chief with his duties. Unit embarkation specialists should be capable of fulfilling all MOS requirements. They assist and mentor Logistic Representatives.

logistics nco1

The logistics/embarkation specialist prepares supplies and equipment for embarkation and performs various Force Deployment Planning and Execution (FDP and E) functions to support the movement of personnel, supplies, and equipment via all modes of transportation using commercial and military assets, at all levels including unit, MAGTF, and joint operations. Additionally he oversees all section representatives to assure they are prepared.

logistics representitive

An embarkation representative is normally assigned at the company, battery or section levels and is responsible to the commander or officer in charge (OIC) for the embarkation readiness of the respective company, battery or section.

logistics representitives
  • Their responsibilities encompass preparing, tracking, marking, updating any changes, requesting support or items, keeping their section ready at all times.
  • Is there a sufficient number of boxes, containers, pallets/pallet boards, and dunnage on hand to embark the unit’s table of equipment (T/E), special allowances, required consumable supplies, and other required non-T/E items?
  • Box/container tactical markings (correct weight and cube)?
  • Vehicle tactical markings?
  • Does information on boxes/vehicles match the garrison UDL?
  • Does the embarkation NCO maintain a current garrison UDL?
  • Is he aware of any changes that may affect the garrison UDL?
  • Is the serviceability of all boxes, containers, pallets, and tie-down devices adequate?
logistic training
Logistic Training
  • Logistic personnel must continuously prepare for deployment while in garrison. The unit must be embark-ready to deploy safely, orderly, and efficiently.
  • Who are the main personnel in logistics?
  • What are the responsibilities of them?
  • Who is one of the most important people?
  • Why do they have to have a good understanding of logistics?
  • What does logistics do?