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  1. CLIP SIRIUS by Brain InfoTech [BIT]

  2. Shine Your Brand Sirius is one of the most brightest star of the galaxy, and here you have an opportunity to clip it to your brand. A Business proposal which will surely add more shine to your BRAND.

  3. Whatisthisshiningthing? A high end retail solution branded as retail-power, It is a ready-to-use solution, targeted for small to mid-sized companies. But developed keeping large size companies in mind.

  4. Whatisthisshiningthing? Retail ERP & SCM solution area includes a comprehensive operations management platform allowing customers to connect their execution systems in subsidiaries, divisions, branches, and to their Corporate/HQ systems using familiar, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. These comprehensive solution also includes Merchandising, Forecasting, Supply Chain Management and Distribution.

  5. Whatisthisshiningthing? Besides all the domainintegrals, the solution includes excellent GUI, CustomizedReporting and otherfeatureslike, Recents, Favorites, Shorthandetc, to increase operating speed and easyadaptability. It alsoincludes an in built support accesssystems, and a Professional Help for newbies.

  6. Whatisthisshiningthing? Many more suchfeatures and systems are compliedinto the modules of retail-power to delivery a professional and easy adaptable solution.

  7. Benefits • Add more funds by capitalizingyourexisting network. • Add more solutions to your store. • Grip yourhold on your clients. • Add more opportunities for business. • Create an image as a solution provider.

  8. Why Us ? What is a car without wheels? A plane without wings? A store without cash registers? A bank without data? A plant floor without power? NOTHING

  9. Why Us ? In every business, there is something critical. Something that- without it-you run out of the business. We call these  “Mission Critical Applications” and our primary focus is to manage and fine tune these critical applications.

  10. Why Us ? We understand the Relationship for Success , We understand that building strong relationships with our partners is a key component of our success. Partners provide us with industry and market expertise while adding significant value to our products and services.

  11. Why Us ? In turn, we are committed to providing our partners with useful programs that offer a broad range of services, tools and support structures to successfully address market opportunities. Further check more:-

  12. PEOPLE Committed to deliver on time every time.

  13. VALUES Inspiringworkenvironmentthat drive personal and professionalgrowth.

  14. T E C H N O L O G Y Continousupgradation to provide the best suited solutions.

  15. SOLUTIONS Convincingproductofferingdifferentiate for specificneeds.

  16. SERVICES Constant endeavor to guarantee CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

  17. SUPPORT Small enough to care, Large enough to delivery.

  18. Trusted Partner Our technical and business experience, along with our commitment to provide unparalleled service and support, mean one thing: synergy with our partners and customers. Through participation and input, we will continually improve our value-added programs to be the strongest in the industry.

  19. How to clip Sirius We put our hand forward, for a hand shakewithyourcompany as a SOLUTION PARTNER. We assure thatjoinning hands as our solution partner, willsurelybe a wisedecison, whichwouldadd more shine to our brands. So justgrabit.

  20. Grabit The opporunityisjust on yourfingertips, just dial +91 98241 47822 and talk to Mr. Tarak Gandhi or email him on Connect, Collobrate, Value