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“Mrs. Torrez ’s Creed” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Mrs. Torrez ’s Creed”

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“Mrs. Torrez ’s Creed” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Mrs. Torrez ’s Creed”
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  1. “Mrs. Torrez’s Creed” • Here is what you must know to succeed in my class, • There is no need for fear, so sit back and relax. • Now listen up girls; put away combs and gel, • And, boys, wear deodorant; we don’t want you to smell. • When you enter my room, you should silence your phones; • Get after your bell work – on this work alone. • Then jot down assignments and know the day’s goal, • And please pay attention, for learning’s your role. • Assignments are due the next day – that’s a rule; • Not doing your homework is simply not cool! • We’ll work as a whole class, individual, and group; • Feel free to ask questions; you’ll need the whole scoop. • When I need your full silence, I’ll hold up my hand, • And begin to count backwards – it’s an easy command. • We’ll work bell to bell, for being lazy’s a crime; • No packing up early; let’s wisely use time. • So enter with joy – I’m delighted you’re here. • 6th Grade is a magical, wonderful year!

  2. Welcome Open House 6th Grade Reading and Language Arts My name is Audree Torrez and this is my first year teaching at Olde Towne Middle School. I have taught 6th grade Reading and Language Arts as well as second and third grades in Florida before moving here this July. I grew up in Brandon, MS, but have lived with my husband and three children in Naples and Orlando, Florida for the past 10 years. I love teaching 6th grade and look forward to learning more about your terrific children! My contact e-mail is Let’s work together and keep the lines of communication open so that your student can grow academically and socially this year. BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION – PLEASE SAVE AND SEND IN TO ME! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Have you… • Paid a $25.00 Workbook Fee? • This fee covers your child’s agenda, vocabulary workbook, a class magazine, and a portion of the cost of Study Island. • Signed and returned the last page of the Student Handbook? • Checked out my class web page? • Bookmark my page through the school’s website and check it daily for homework updates. • Asked to see your child’s Agenda?

  4. 9 Weeks Testing • Case 21 will be used this year as a monitoring and testing tool. • The students will take a Case 21 test, not a teacher-made test, at the end of each nine weeks. • This test will count as a major test in the grading system.

  5. Car Rider Line Reminder • Car riders may not be dropped off before 7:35. • If you are later than 8:00, you must drive your child to the front of the school for drop off.

  6. Bathroom Procedures • Two passes per nine week period per class will be distributed. • Students who do not use a pass can add two points per pass to the Case 21 exam. • Once two passes have been used for a class period, the student will not be permitted to use the bathroom again in that class.

  7. Homework is due the day after it is assigned for this class! • English Language Arts does not follow the A day/B day schedule. ELA classes meet every day. • The ELA notebook must be sent to school with your student each day. • If homework is “left” in the “other” binder, the grade will be a zero. We are encouraging organization and good time management. • If a student does not have his or her homework, a pink slip must be completed and signed. • If pink slips happen often, a parent will be called.

  8. A Day/B Day Everyday! • The English and Reading classes are combined for 6th grade. As a result, your student will meet with me each day of the week. • We will not follow the A Day/B Day binder policy. All work, regardless of Reading or English, will be due the day after it is assigned. • There are no excuses for not having work.

  9. One Grade on Report Cards • Your child will have a combined English and Reading grade under English Language Arts on the report card. • Do not be alarmed if you see a blank space next Reading on the report card.

  10. Misbehavior • A yellow card will be distributed to any student who does not behave respectfully or who is not on task. • If a student receives two yellow cards in one class period, parents will be notified and the student will receive an office referral.

  11. Rewards • Students are rewarded with Torrez tickets for staying on task, and showing good character. • Torrez tickets can be exchanged for: • 5 tickets = treasure box visit • 10 tickets = homework pass for my class only • 1 or more = gift card drawing each 9 weeks

  12. Syllabus • Your student will receive a class syllabus and list of “I can statements” on Monday. Please read through the syllabus, sign it, and return it to me by the end of next week. • Your student will need the following highlighter colors when we start reading novels: pink, yellow, green, blue • Notice that The Westing Game should be purchased this nine weeks. Please have this purchased by the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 3, 2013.

  13. Wish List • If you would like to provide one or two extra supplies for this class, please pick up a sticky note from the door. • I thank you in advance for your donation and support!