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Renew medical

Renew medical

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Renew medical

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  1. Renew Medical

  2. FUE HAIR IMPLANT Renew Medical is an intermediary company, our UK based consultants have over 30 years experience working with patients undergoing elective cosmetic treatments so we can offer you confidential support and advice tailored to suit your needs. Our team are available when YOU need us!

  3. QUALITY & EXPERIENCE Your surgery will be carried out at our renowned clinic in Istanbul where you will receive a service second to none. Dr BulentCihantimur and his dedicated clinical team are committed to providing high quality care with excellent results whilst ensuring your experience is dignified and comfortable.

  4. FIXED PRICE Renew Medical provides you with a fixed price treatment, that means no matter how many grafts you need to get the perfect result, there’s no extra cost. Most UK based FUE Hair Transplant providers will offer you a tiered treatment plan, so if you need more grafts you pay more, with Renew Medical you pay a fixed fee, there’s no surprises or hidden costs

  5. Renew Medical is an intermediary company of Estetik International and all contracted FUE Services will be carried out by Estetik International in Istanbul . Renew Medical are a group of consultants with over 30 years specialist healthcare experience in fields such a Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Hair Transplants and Aesthetics. Due to our extensive experience in the industry, we are able to provide support, advice and ensure you receive a service of the highest quality. We will be here to offer guidance and answer any questions that you may have during your Hair Transplant journey.

  6. The number of patients visiting Turkey for Hair Transplants has steadily grown over recent years for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the cost. Patients seeking treatment in the UK are usually charged depending on the number of grafts required, most patients will require between 2500-3000 grafts which on average costs £7000 in the UK. Our highly trained doctors have extensive experience and offer an unlimited number of grafts at a much lower price.