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Print Quality Improvement Measures for Epson Printers PowerPoint Presentation
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Print Quality Improvement Measures for Epson Printers

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Print Quality Improvement Measures for Epson Printers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Print Quality Improvement Measures for Epson Printers

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  1. Print Quality Improvement Measures for Epson Printers For Printer Technical Support TOLL FREE At 1-877-374-0468 Epson printers are some of the best printers available in the market. The printing cost of these printers is cheaper and every ink cartridge can printer more number of pages than other printers. These printers are latest in technology and can be used to print in both color and grayscale. However, these printers may develop some snags and printing issues may occur which can degrade the print quality of the products. Horizontal banding and vertical misalignment are some of the most common issues encountered in the inkjet printers. Sometimes, due to cartridge issues, some colors might not be able to make their imprint o the paper which may lead to a blurry or smeared printout. Sometimes the printer rollers leave unwanted stray marks on the paper and destroying the quality of the prints. You can call on our Epson Printer Technical Support Phone Number USA if you are from the United States or else you can call us on our Printer Technical Support Number. Let us look into a few solutions which we can try on our own to improve the print quality of an Epson Printer. HORIZONTAL BANDING Sometimes, there are unprinted lines on the sheet or some lines have less saturation. This phenomenon is known as horizontal banding. Horizontal banding can be removed by following a few steps. Run the Head Cleaning Utility in the printer support section and clear the clogged ink nozzles automatically. Sometimes, misaligned printer head

  2. also may cause horizontal banding. Thus running the Printer Head Alignment Utility tool may also remove this problem. Sometimes, customized settings may be the reason for the underperformance of the printer. In such a case, setting all the functions to default improves the print quality of the Epson Printer. If the ink out light blinks as soon as the printer is switched on, it is time to replace the print cartridge. The media type set in the printer software should match with the media type loaded in the printer. Sometimes, there is horizontal banding in the space out of the printable area. This can be removed by deselecting the printable area as maximum to normal or default. VERTICAL BANDING Whenever, there are vertical stray lines on the print sheet or the print sheet has some lightly printed vertical sections, the errors fall in vertical misalignment or banding. It is quite easy to part from the vertical banding. Ensure that the printable side of the sheet faces upwards in the tray. Running the Print Head Alignment Utility tool helps in aligning the head properly thus ensuring the vertical misalignment does not occur. In the advanced dialog box of the printer, people sometimes select High Speed option. It, sometimes does not allow the prints with high dpi to have ample amount of time to print the sheet. Thus vertical bandings may occur frequently. Unchecking the high speed option will save from this error. BLURRED OR SMEARED PRINTOUTS Sometimes the print quality is not upto the mark. The print thus obtained is blurry and ink gets smeared on the sheet making the paper useless. To save from this issue, it is very important to check whether proper printer driver is installed in the computer. Sometimes the error occurs due to the paper quality. So ensure to use only those papers which are recommended by Epson. Damp paper or the paper exposed to moisture may also cause smearing of the ink. All customized settings should be removed and the printer should be operated on default settings. It gives the best results. Running the head cleaning utility enables the ink cartridge to get rid of any clotted globules of ink thus hampering its performance. For Printer Technical Support TOLL FREE At 1-877-374-0468