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课标人教实验版高三 Module 9 Unit 3 PowerPoint Presentation
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课标人教实验版高三 Module 9 Unit 3

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课标人教实验版高三 Module 9 Unit 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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课标人教实验版高三 Module 9 Unit 3. 词组翻译. 说服某人做某事 出于尊敬 把 …… 归功于 , 欠 与 …… 通信 把 ….. 联系. talk…into. out of respect. owe…to. correspond…with. associate with. 6. 受到 …… 的欢迎 7. 一小撮 , 一把 , 少数 8. 远非 9. 对 …… 负责 位于 , 坐落于 预定. be popular with. a handful of. far from.

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  • 说服某人做某事
  • 出于尊敬
  • 把……归功于, 欠
  • 与……通信
  • 把…..联系


out of respect



associate with


6. 受到……的欢迎

  • 7. 一小撮, 一把, 少数
  • 8. 远非
  • 9. 对……负责
  • 位于, 坐落于
  • 预定

be popular with

a handful of

far from

be responsible for

be located in

make a reservation



1. The thief s_______ the handbag and ran away.

2. The wool was w_____ round the back of the chair.

3. One of the new government’s p______ is to control public spending.





4. Several h________ have been built in the past few years, so it is convenient to go to other cities.

5. Last year the market for their products ______ (缩小)

6. The accident took place a _________ (两周)ago.





7. There was ________ (充足的) rainfall in this area last winter.

8. Every country in the world keeps secret its plan for________ (防御).

9. My travel agents have made all __________ (预定) for my journey.

10. Better methods of __________(农业)are needed to feed the world’s population.







1. ____ seems strange to us is ____ the troublesome boy is getting along with all his teachers.

A. It, that B. What, how

C. It , how D. What, that


2. ---I rang you about ten, but there was no reply.

---Oh, that was probably ___ I was seeing a doctor.

A. when B. why C. what D. that


3. He was seriously ill. That is __ he didn’t come yesterday.

A. the reason B. why

C. because D. for what

4. --- I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.

--- Is that ____ you had a few days off?

A. why B. when what D. where


5. That is _____ I was born and grow.

A. there B. in which

C. where D. the place

6. America was __ was first called “India” by Columbus.

A. what B. where

C. the place D. there where


7. It was in the year of 1990 __ my brother entered the college.

A. until B. that C. before D. what

8. ___ is important to a person is ___ he must know what he is fit for.

A. It, what B. That, what

C. It , that D. What, that


9. It was not until he got to the office __ he remembered__ the key home.

A. when, leaving B. when, to leave

C. that, to leave D. that, leaving

10. It was __ my father worked___ I work now.

A. where, that B. wherever, where

C. that, where D. that, that


11. It looked ____ it was going to snow.

A. as if B. even if C. if D. as

12. They lost their way in the forest and ___ made matters worse was ___ night began to fall.

A. what, that B. it, that

C. what, when D. which, what


13. He didn’t come yesterday. That’s ____ he was ill.

A. why B. the reason why

C. because D. for that


14. ___ troubles me most is ___ I don’t know how to clam the sick old man.

A. That, what B. That, that

C. What, that D. It, that

15. The reason___ I plan to go is ___she will be disappointed____ I don’t. A. why, because, when B. that, that, if C. because, that, if D. what, that, whether