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African culture PowerPoint Presentation
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African culture

African culture

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African culture

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  1. African culture By Isabella

  2. Geography in Africa Africa is the second largest continent in the world, measuring from the North to the South it is 2,500 miles long . There are five big water systems but the three biggest are the Nile, the Conga and the Niger. Africa has many deserts but the biggest desert in Africa and the third largest in the world is the Sahara Desert. Africa doesn’t have many mountains but they do have a few mountains in the North of Africa and they are Atlas Mountains.

  3. Climate and Weather in Africa Africa has about one third of all arid lands in the world. The weather in Africa is very different, northern and southern parts of the equator experience small and dry winters but and average amount of rainfall and in the west and central parts of Africa it is very hot.

  4. Climate and Weather in Africa The Northern and Southern tip of Africa gets hot and dry weather in summer but cold and wet weather in winter. Because of proximity to the ocean.

  5. Flora in Africa The subtropical desert is the driest desert in Africa and is one of the biomes. It is known to have some of the hottest locations in the world. The largest desert in Africa is the Sahara desert which is in northern Africa. The Sahara desert extends from close to the west of Africa to the Arabian peninsula and is apart of the largest desert system in the world which extends to the south of central Asia .

  6. Flora of Africa Africa's flora is tropical and subtropical because none of Africa is far from the equator and there are only a few high regions that support temperate plants. There are three main biomes of Africa and they are only subtropical desert, tropical savannah and the tropical forest. Flora in southern Africa has been studied but in central and northern Africa it hasn’t so it is less known.

  7. Fauna in Africa Africa's most popular animals are: elephants cheetah gazelle hippopotamus vervet monkey hedgehog zebra giraffe white rhinoceros

  8. Fauna in Africa more than over 1100 species live in the whole of Africa. There are three endemic animals in africa and they are the Tubulidentata (aardvarks), Afrosoricida (tenrecs and golden moles), and Macroscelidea (elephant shrews ). East African plains are also well known for their diversity of big mammals

  9. This is the African national anthem in English. Lord, bless Africa May her spirit rise up high Hear thou our prayers Lord bless us. Lord, bless Africa Banish wars and strife Lord, bless our nation Of south Africa. Ringing out from our blew heavens From our deep seas breaking round Over everlasting mountains Where the echoing crags resound.

  10. Major cities in Africa Africa's major cities aren't necessarily the largest cities in Africa's respective countries and are not the most populated. The capital city of Egypt is Cairo and it is the most populous city in Africa.

  11. Africa's major cities • Cairo, Egypt • Lagos, Nigeria • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo • Johannesburg-Ekurhuleni, South Africa • Khartoum-Umm Durman, Sudan • Alexandria, Egypt • Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire • Casablanca, Morocco • Cape Town, South Africa • Durban, South Africa

  12. Marine environment in Africa More than 11,000 species have been recorded in the South African waters . 31 percent of these species are endemic which means that they are not found anywhere else . South Africa's fish stocks are in relatively good shape compared to many stocks in the southern hemisphere.

  13. These are some of the marine protected areas in South Africa. Aliwal Shoal MPA, KwaZulu-Natal Betty's Bay MPA, Western Cape Bird Island MPA, Eastern Cape De Hoop MPA, Western Cape Dwesa-Cwebe MPA, Eastern Cape Goukamma MPA, Western Cape False Bay MPA, Western Cape Robberg MPA, Western Cape Sardinia Bay MPA, Eastern Cape Stilbaai MPA, Western Cape Table Mountain MPA, Western Cape Trafalgar MPA, KwaZulu-Natal Tsitsikamma MPA, Western Cape iSimangaliso MPA, KwaZulu-Natal Langebaan Lagoon, Sixteen Mile Beach, Malgas Island, Marcus Island, Jutten Island MPA, Western Cape Pondoland MPA, Eastern Cape. Marine environment Africa

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