Trina Cofield Specializes In The Field Of Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
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Trina Cofield Specializes In The Field Of Internal Medicine/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trina Cofield Specializes In The Field Of Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine

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Trina Cofield is a dedicated and respected physician who has attained her qualifications from some of the eminent educational institutions. She has attended Howard University Medical School and University of Miami where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Biology being a Major subject. She is known for offering dependable health care services to her patients. She specializes in the field of Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine.

Trina cofield is a member of national medical association l.jpg

Trina Cofield is a compassionate physician who is member of the National Medical Association. It is one of the oldest and largest national organizations. It is usually abbreviated as NMA. It represents African American physicians along with their patients in the United States of America. It is a national scientific organization which has around 112 affiliated societies throughout the nation. The prime aim of National Medical Association is to improvise on the quality of health through community health education, memberships, advocacy, professional development, and partnership with federal and private agencies.

Trina Cofield Is A Member Of National Medical Association

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She is also an active member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society which was founded on December 5, 1776 at The College of William and Mary. It is an academic honor society that has been promoting excellence in the arena of liberal arts and sciences. The most outstanding students of sciences and arts are inducted by the society at America’s leading colleges and universities. It is one of the oldest undergraduate societies in the US which publishes ‘The Key Reporter’, a newsletter distributed to the members quarterly and biannually to all other members.

Trina Cofield Is Associated With Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

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The American Physiological Society was founded in 1887. It aims at facilitating discourse among American physiologists and promoting the advancement of physiology. The society offers array of membership categories for people of different age groups and interest levels. Around 14 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals are published by the society that cover specialized aspects of physiology. In addition, the society has various committees such as Animal Care and Experimentation, Trainee Advisory and Women in Physiology, Perkins Memorial Fellowship and Chapter Advisory Committee.

Trina Cofield is linked to American Physiological Society