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Health Care Careers PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Care Careers

Health Care Careers

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Health Care Careers

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  1. Health Care Careers Medical Jeopardy

  2. A physician who specializes in the field of physical medicine.

  3. Who is a physiatrist?

  4. The advantage of a private college vs. a state college

  5. Smaller class size

  6. A protuberance of a body wall allowing internal organs to bulge out

  7. What is a hernia?

  8. The fastest growing disease currently developing in the U.S.

  9. What is diabetes?

  10. A health care worker who deals with family divorce, abuse issues and other familial challenges

  11. What is a social worker?

  12. The number of years a physical therapist must go to school beyond high school

  13. What is seven?

  14. Root canal would most likely be performed by this specialist

  15. What is an endodontist?

  16. A specialist who treats gum disease

  17. What is a periodontist?

  18. A medical specialist who measures you for contact lenses

  19. What is an optometrist?

  20. The degree associated with one who defends you in court

  21. What is a J.D.?

  22. The type of surgeon you would consult for skin grafting

  23. What is a cosmetic/plastic surgeon?

  24. To reattach the nerves of your finger together after severing it, you would consult this type of surgeon

  25. What is a neurosurgeon?

  26. He was the father of modern surgery who performed most of his work without the benefit of anesthesia and wrote textbooks on the subject of surgical techniques.

  27. Who was Dr. John Hunter?

  28. Rehabilitation centers for post operative patients are probably staffed by these specialists

  29. What are physical therapists and perhaps, physiatrists?

  30. She is the heiress to a hotel fortune and has a Chihuahua

  31. Who is Paris Hilton?

  32. One of her biggest hits was “Love Story”

  33. Who is Taylor Swift?

  34. Beyonce Knowles and her sisters grew up in this city

  35. What is Houston, Texas?

  36. The president and founder of the Imperial Sugar Company

  37. Who was I.H. Kempner of Sugar Land?

  38. He’s known as a pirate and a chocolate manufacturer and even had hands made of sharp objects like scissors and lately has become a public enemy

  39. Who is Johnny Depp?

  40. The Federal bureau charged with making workplaces safe

  41. What is OSHA (Organization for safety and health administration)

  42. Epidemics are tracked in this city by this organization

  43. What is the CDC or center for disease control? In Atlanta, Geogia

  44. If you like being a Cougar, you might want to continue your education at this university

  45. What is the University of Houston?

  46. One of her big hits last year was “irreplaceable”

  47. Who is Rianna?

  48. The only two nursing schools in or near Ft. Bend County

  49. What are HBU and Wharton Schools of Nursing

  50. The two main courses one must have in order to apply to nursing schools everywhere