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Goals and Accomplishments

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Goals and Accomplishments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Goals and Accomplishments. Sarah Widdop Freshman Focus Semester I Final. English 9. Goals: To create well-developed paragraphs containing accurate evidence and analysis. To create well developed five paragraph essays that demonstrate an understanding of the content written about.

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goals and accomplishments

Goals and Accomplishments

Sarah Widdop

Freshman Focus

Semester I Final

english 9
English 9
  • Goals:
  • To create well-developed paragraphs containing accurate evidence and analysis.
  • To create well developed five paragraph essays that demonstrate an understanding of the content written about.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of basic parts of speech.
english 9 evidence of goal 1
English 9- Evidence of goal #1:
  • The imagery during the murder scene illustrates that the “beast” is actually the boys themselves. As the novel nears its climax, Simon heads down to the beach to tell the other boys that the beast they had seen was actually the fallen airman, not a vicious creature. When Simon arrives at the beach, though, the boys are overcome by their savage chant and dance on the sand. As Simon collapses into the middle of the circle, Golding describes how “the sticks fell and the mouth of the new circle crunched and screamed. The beast was on its knees in the center, its arms folded over its face…At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws” (188). Overcome by their savage ritual, the boys lose the ability to recognize what they are doing, and they even lose the ability to recognize their friend Simon. Golding uses diction such as “the mouth of the new circle” and “screamed, struck, bit, tore” to illustrate the actions of the boys. This diction, more appropriate for describing a vicious beast, describes the boys acting as one organism with a single-minded focus on destroying Simon. Simon, who had just heard from the Lord of the Flies that the beast was not something he could hunt and kill, is killed by the beast that emerges when the boys lose their civility and individuality. The beast is within the boys, and makes its first kill there on the beach.

Evidence for goal #1 is demonstrated because this paragraph is complete.

Contains a topic sentence

Contains context

Contains concrete details (properly cited)

Contains commentary

english 9 evidence of goal 3
English 9- Evidence of Goal #3

A Noun is a person, place, thing

A verb is….


The previous slide demonstrates my knowledge of goal #3 because I show that I know the five basic parts of speech.

algebra i
Algebra I


To solve problems that can be represented by linear functions and equations

To analyze a problem situation and represent it mathematically

Select and apply strategies to solve problems

algebra 1 evidence of goal 1
Algebra 1- Evidence of Goal #1
  • Problem Situation:
    • One cell phone plan costs $39.95 per month. The first 500 minutes of usage are free. Each minute thereafter costs $.35. For a bill of $69.70, how many minutes over 500 was the cell phone in use?
pick a strategy
Pick a strategy
  • Model the situation with an equation
  • Step 1: Define the unknown (the variable)
    • Let m= the number of minutes used over 500
  • Step 2: Relate
    • $.35 per minute over 500.35m
    • Monthly payment39.95
    • Amount of bill69.70
  • Step 3:Write the equation
    • 39.95+0.35m=69.70
  • Step 4: Solve for m
    • 39.95+.035m=69.70

-39.95 -39.95 Subract 39.95 to isolate the variable

.35m=29.75 Divide to undo the multiplication

.35 .35


Step 4: Answer in a complete sentence

The cell phone was in use 85 minutes over 500 minutes.

  • Evidence of:
    • Goal #1 is demonstrated because the problem situation is modeled by an equation
    • Goal #2 has been met by relating the situation in step 2 on the previous page
    • Goal #3 was met when choosing an equation to as the strategy and by solving the problem using the equation

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