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ONGARD Modernization History PowerPoint Presentation
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ONGARD Modernization History

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ONGARD Modernization History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ONGARD Modernization ONGARD Modernization Project Certification Request Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department State Land Office Taxation and Revenue Department May 23, 2013. ONGARD Modernization History. 2012 appropriation for $6 million

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ONGARD ModernizationONGARD Modernization Project Certification RequestEnergy, Minerals and Natural Resources DepartmentState Land OfficeTaxation and Revenue DepartmentMay 23, 2013

ongard modernization history
ONGARD Modernization History

2012 appropriation for $6 million

Mainframe Stabilization was first priority and was certified on April 18, 2012

In 4Q FY13, the ONGARD Executive Steering Committee directed that we begin efforts on the ONGARD Modernization project

In the long term, ONGARD Modernization will focus on Business Process Analysis and new business requirements for multi-lateral drilling

For the moment, the Business Process Analysis portion of the project is on hold

First step is to complete Requirements and Design for the API number expansion and horizontal drilling

Contract with price agreement vendor, RSI has been negotiated and is in signature approval process

Project is to start on July 8, 2013

Need additional funding certification of $90k to cover contract


certification request detail for ongard modernization new
Certification Request Detail for ONGARD Modernization--New

Develop specifications, requirements and design document for API Number Expansion and Horizontal Drilling changes to ONGARD and other tri-agency system interfaces: The changes to support landmark changes in industry practices must be completed as soon as possible to ensure that ONGARD will be able to track and collect the increased production due to these changes.

First step is development of specifications, requirements and design documentation for the potential change.

At the direction of the ONGARD SMT, dusted off the RSI bid from September 2012 for this work and successfully negotiated with vendor to pull together project team to accomplish SOW deliverables identified in original bid.

RSI put together team and agreed to contract terms (vendor signed contract is in our possession.

SMT asked that project get started in FY13 but changes to contract boilerplate increased review time and made May 14 deadline to DFA contract bureau not achievable.

Contract amount of $90,000 is certification request today since there is no funding certified for this amount

Need certification letter authorizing the $90k to complete contract

Current RSI engagement start date is July 8, 2013


Certification Request Budget Summary ONGARD Modernization API Number Expansion and Horizontal Drilling Project


ongard mainframe modernization api number expansion and horizontal drilling project risk summary
ONGARD Mainframe Modernization API Number Expansion and Horizontal Drilling Project Risk Summary

Must obtain certification for $90k before finalizing contract

Need quick approval and quick delivery of new certification letter

Initial contract encumbrance could be made from ONGARD Mainframe Stabilization

Unknown requirements for handling new drilling arrangements and API number expansion

Specifications not yet defined for New Mexico or for the industry

Bid by RSI (price agreement vendor) for $90k accepted

Contract has been negotiated; vendor signed; received in NM

Could use ONGARD Stabilization funds to encumber but prefer to get certified funding for ONGARD Modernization

Estimate $3 million to complete project based on preliminary analysis but completion of specification and requirements documentation will allow more precise estimates to be prepared

Plan to start requirements definition project in early July, pending certification letter


ongard modernization project doit impact
ONGARD Modernization Project DoIT Impact

No DoIT impact at this time (planning phase) since deliverable is requirements development


ongard pcc actions requested
ONGARD PCC Actions Requested

Approve Certification Request for ONGARD Modernization Project planmning and issue Certification letter

Contract and SOW approved by DoIT and TRD Legal

Contract signed by RSI and received at TRD

Need quick approval and Certification Letter issuance

Planned project start date is July 8, 2013