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Management Information Systems. An overview of the field, our program, and career opportunities. MIS. The MIS Degree. IS offered through the Information Systems Department in the Hankamer School of Business. What is MIS?.

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Management information systems

Management Information Systems

An overview of the field, our program, and career opportunities


The mis degree
The MIS Degree

IS offered through the Information Systems Department in the Hankamer School of Business

What is mis
What is MIS?

“MIS is the design, development, use and management of computer-based information systems in organizations.”

Information Systems (IS) is the engine that drives the business.

How does the mis field differ from other computer related fields






Focus on Hardware

Focus on Software

Focus on Organizational Needs

How does the MIS field differ from other computer-related fields?

EE- electrical engineering: CE- computer engineering: CS- computer science: SE- software engineering: IS- information systems

What mis professionals do
What MIS Professionals Do

“We integrate information technology (IT) solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses, enabling them to meet their objectives in efficient and effective ways”

“We emphasize information and see technology as a way to bring about change.”

What are some of the types of jobs
What are some of the types of jobs?

Some typical job titles:

  • Business Process Analyst

  • Consultant

  • Programmer

  • Software Engineer

  • Technology Risk Consultant

  • Project Manager

  • Systems Analyst


What types of companies do our mis grads work for

Consulting Firms


SunGard Consulting


Public Accounting Firms

Ernst & Young

Large Firms with

Internal IT Groups



What types of companies do our MIS grads work for?

  • Non-Profits

    • Public Schools and Universities

    • Charities

    • Hospitals

    • Government

    • FBI

    • CIA

  • Sports

    • Houston Astros


Common concerns
Common Concerns Employers

  • Outsourcing of IS jobs?

    • These concerns are related to lower level programming positions--- not analyst and information system management positions.

  • Poor job market?

    • IS is one of the most recession proof jobs

  • Sitting behind a computer all day?


What is the employment outlook for mis grads
What is the employment outlook for MIS Grads? Employers

  • There is a strong demand and low supply for technical graduates—National Association of College and Employers, Fall 2008

  • Employment for computer systems analysts is expected to grow by 29% through 2016. This is much faster than the average for all occupations—Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2009

  • Technology jobs will grow by 3.4% between 2010 and 2013--- Gartner, 4/8/09

  • By the end of 2010 there will be 50,000 new tech jobs thanks to the Obama administration---CNN Money, 4/8/2009

The perfect economic storm opportunity for mis graduates
The Perfect Economic Storm-Opportunity for MIS Graduates Employers

  • Three major factors:1) Baby boomer retirements2) A shortage of IT graduates3) Job growth rates for IT are 3X+ the national job growth average These create a “perfect storm” for graduates

    • More than 40% of the technology workforce will reach retirement age by 2010

    • On average, universities are producing only 30% of the IT graduates that they did in 2001

What skills are needed

Technical IS knowledge Employers

Core business knowledge

Teamwork, communication,

critical thinking, and

project management skills

An interest in making

organizations and the people

in them function more


What skills are needed?

Where do you get these skills?

MIS Program - database design, programming, networking and security, project management, systems analysis and design

Business Core Classes - accounting, business law, economics, finance, management, and marketing

The four year Baylor experience combined with an outside internship


What does the information systems department have to offer you
What does the Information Systems Department have to offer you?

  • Quality of faculty

    • Core MIS classes taught by full-time PhD faculty

    • Cutting edge faculty research that ties back to the classroom

    • Excellent industry experience and relationships

  • Quality of curriculum

    • AACSB and SACS accredited

    • Continually updated to reflect state of the art knowledge

    • Based on theory; tempered by practice

    • Courses consistent with Association of Information Systems (AIS) and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) recommendations

  • Quality of relationships

    • Supportive, engaged faculty who are available to help you

    • Other MIS majors with interests similar to yours

    • Corporate relationships

What opportunities are available outside the classroom
What opportunities are available outside the classroom? you?

  • Active student MIS Organization- Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

  • Leadership Team

  • Internship program

    • 3 hour class credit

    • Summer between junior and senior year

  • “Best” Program– an HSB business honors program available to MIS majors

What are the required courses for the 18 hour mis major
What are the required courses for the 18 hour MIS major? you?

Four courses (12 hours) that include:

  • Introduction to Business Programming Logic (MIS-3301)

  • Systems Analysis and Design (MIS-3320)

  • Foundations of Database Management (MIS-4340)

  • Telecommunications and Networking (MIS-4342)


What are the required courses for the 18 hour mis major1
What are the required courses for the 18 hour MIS major? you?

An additional 3 hours selected from one of three programming classes:

  • E-commerce Systems Development (MIS-4320)

  • Business Systems Development (MIS-4321)

  • Client Server Development (MIS-3341)

    An additional 3 hours selected from one of two Information Systems Management classes:

  • Cyber security (MIS-4350)

  • IT Project Management (MIS-4330)


Baylor MIS you?


For more information
For more information…. you?