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What Are the Best Espresso Machines 2014? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Are the Best Espresso Machines 2014?

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What Are the Best Espresso Machines 2014? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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what are the best espresso machines 2014

What Are the Best Espresso Machines 2014?



Indulging to an aromatic cup of coffee before starting the day, or even while you’re busy doing your late night activities, gives a rewarding feeling.

It helps you relax and set your mood to anything you are going to do for the day.

With the increasing number of people who are making coffee as part of their daily habit, it is not surprising if more and more people are now choosing to brew their coffee at home.


With the help of espresso machines at home, people will no longer go to popular coffee shops just to enjoy their favourite drink.

Are curious what are the best espresso machines 2014? If the answer is “yes” then take a look at the list below.



  • This espresso machine produces high quality drink at a fair price. De’Longhi EC155 is an affordable, easy to use semi-automatic espresso machine and comes in stylish design with two separate thermostats and swivel jet frothier.

De’Longhi BAR32

  • This pump espresso maker is perfect when you’re using ground coffee or pods. This equipment has easy to use dual function filter, a 15 bar pump, and a built-in swivel jet frother. Bar32 pump espresso is another affordable machine and has stainless steel boiler, which lasts longer.

Gaggia 14101

(also known as Gaggia Classic)

  • Originally designed from Italy, Gaggia Classic comes with two stainless steel baskets that can be used for both single or double shot espresso. It is also included with forged brass parts, which keep the temperature. Compared to other semi-automatic machines, Gaggia Classic is more expensive.

Philips SAECO


  • This espresso maker is absolutely ideal for convenience, making it one of the best espresso machines 2014. The Poemia warms your cups while the 15 bar pump and the stainless steel broiler let you make the perfect cup of espresso.

The Breville Infuser

  • This espresso machine automatically increases pressure over time to create perfect distribution through the grinds. It decreases gaps and extracts all flavours. The Brevill Infuser is best known for having an stylish design and for lasting a lifetime.


  • If you’re just a beginner in terms of making a cup espresso, KRUPS XP5280 is perfect for you. With its beautiful looks, simple front panel, and automatic tamping, it is ideal for someone who wants to enjoy a cup coffee in just a few minutes.

Breville’s 800ESXL

  • Although Breville’s 800ESXL belongs to more expensive semi-automatic machines, its price is actually worth it as it comes with incredible features and quality. It has a thermo block heating equipment and dual wall crema system, which provide precise control through your coffee.


  • With its simple yet functional features, Capresso EC100 is very popular to young professional baristas. Despite its affordable price, this espresso maker comes with stainless steel parts and is convenient for frothing and steaming of milk, making the equipment perfect for cappuccinos and lattes.

Always remember that when looking for an espresso machine, determine first what you need.


Do you need a fully automatic, semi-automatic, combination, or a steam-based espresso machine?





Whatever your choice is, make sure your machine can help you make a perfect cup of espresso with its three main components: taste, foam, and aroma.


By taking a glimpse on the best espresso machines 2014 you probably now have an idea which one you’re going to take home.


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