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Transfer advising Pre-Health Science. Successfully Registering for your first semester. The school of nursing welcomes you!. We are your Nursing Advisors for as long as you continue in the Nursing Major (Pre-Health Science now) Where are we located?

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Transfer advising pre health science
Transfer advisingPre-Health Science

Successfully Registering for your first semester

The school of nursing welcomes you
The school of nursing welcomes you!

  • We are your Nursing Advisors for as long as you continue in the Nursing Major (Pre-Health Science now)

  • Where are we located?

    In the “PPH” Building, Suite 201, with the School of Nursing

    • It’s a short walk, or parking is available right outside our building.

Today s goals
Today’s Goals

  • Orientation Success Pack Modules

  • Nursing Program Options

  • Run your ARR– Academic Requirements Report

  • Other Important tools

  • Register for your Fall courses

Csusm email account
CSUSM Email Account

Check your CSUSM Email on a regular basis.

This is the only way that the University communicates with students.

We communicate often with our students via email about deadlines and important information!

You can have your CSUSM email forwarded to your personal email, if you like.

E advisor on undergraduate advising services website
e-Advisor, on Undergraduate Advising Services Website

  • General academic questions that do not require an advisor to look up your records

  • Response in 3-5 days

Academic requirements report arr
Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

  • Provides academic evaluations for:

    • Transfer Courses

    • Test Credit (AP, IB, CLEP)

  • Displays Graduation Requirements

  • Monitors requirements that are MET and those that you NEED

Adding dropping courses after today
Adding/dropping courses after today

  • You can add and drop courses on your own throughout the summer.

  • Once the fall or spring terms begin:

    • Two week add/drop period

    • Must get a permission number from the instructor to add a class through MyCSUSM

    • Can drop a course without any signature, via MyCSUSM, at any time during the two-week Add/Drop period for fall or spring terms.

    • Late adds or drops require a petition

Language other than english requirement loter
Language other than English Requirement (LOTER)

High School language will not clear this requirement unless you passed an AP, IB or CLEP exam with a passing score.

Language at the first semester of Intermediate Level

Third semester/201 level course or American Sign Language III Approved Study Abroad Programs

AP, IB or CLEP exams with passing score

Pass Proficiency Exam at CSUSM through the Language Learning Center

How to determine which language level to take to meet the loter
How to Determine which Language Level to Take to meet the LOTER:

If completing ASL at a community college, must complete through ASL III.

Csusm general catalog electronic
CSUSM General Catalog LOTER:(electronic)

  • Contains all

    • Policies

    • Procedures

    • Requirements

  • List of majors

  • Major/minor requirements

  • Course descriptions

To find course equivalents at many california community colleges

Instructions for using this Website can be found on our Nursing Web site, under Current Students

Nursing options at csusm
Nursing Options at CSUSM COLLEGES…

  • Traditional BSN

  • LVN to BSN – anyone with LVN coursework or Corpsman-Medic Military Training?

  • RN to BSN

  • RN to MSN

  • Accelerated BSN

  • MSN Programs

Understanding the degree programs at our university for nursing
Understanding the Degree Programs at our University for Nursing

California State University San Marcos

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Extended Learning

B.S. in Nursing

Accelerated BSNRN to BSN

M.S. in Nursing

RN to MSNMSN – for students with a BSN degreeDegree programs other than Nursing

The School of Nursing

B.S. in Nursing

Traditional BSNLVN to BSN

State-support Tuition


Pre nursing core common to all of our undergraduate nursing programs please see your course planner
Pre-Nursing Core Nursing– common to all of our undergraduate Nursing Programs (PLEASE SEE YOUR COURSE PLANNER)

  • These eight (8) Academic Requirements are the only courses required for entry to the Traditional BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program at most CSU’s, including CSU San Marcos

  • Must get a C or better in each course

  • Minimum 2.75 GPA in Pre-Nursing Core for Traditional BSN, LVN-BSN and Accelerated BSN programs.

  • If you earn a substandard grade (C- or below) in a Core course, you must repeat the course and we will average your grades.

  • University policy states that once you earn a C or better in the course, you cannot repeat the course for a better grade.

  • You can only repeat a Core class one time.

Traditional Nursing


3-Year Program

Asterisk explanations are found on Web forms

Science course availability at california state san marcos
Science course availability at California state san Marcos Nursing

  • New level of Impaction Criteria for the Traditional BSN program limits enrollment in Core science courses here

  • Four sciences courses are offered only in a prescribed sequence each year

  • Native CSUSM students compete to get advanced into these science courses

  • Seats are assigned in mid-June for science courses to our ‘native’ students

  • You will have to take missing, Core science courses through Extended Learning (separate tuition) or at community colleges

Extended learning science courses at csusm option
ExTENDED Learning Science courses at Csusm Nursing(option)

  • Example: BIOL 175 (offered this fall)

  • Must change your course search from “is exactly” to “contains” in order to view and register for these Extended Learning courses

  • “_EL” courses are on a separate tuition, over and above whatever courses you may take through regular CSU tuition

  • May be covered by some forms of Financial Aid – check with Cougar Central

  • Call Extended Learning at 760-750-4020 to learn more.

Traditional bsn program please review your points criteria handout
Traditional BSN Program NursingPlease review your points criteria handout

  • Highly Impacted

  • Two levels of Impaction Criteria – review Point System

  • Statistics for previously admitted cohort

  • 3-year program – cohort model

  • Upper-division GE for Nursing

    • BB – BIOL 323 CC – PHIL 345 DD – ANTH 301

Questions about the admission point system for the traditional bsn program
Questions about the Admission point system Nursingfor the Traditional BSN Program?

Lvn to bsn program
Lvn to BSN Program Nursing

  • Same Pre-Nursing Core requirements as the Traditional BSN program

  • We can award 17 units of NURS course credit for Corpsman Training or approved LVN coursework which shows up on a college transcripts from a regionally-accredited college/university

  • IV certification required

  • Must have an active California LVN License

  • Must pass a Skills Assessment Test

  • No TEAS required

Accelerated bsn program
Accelerated BSN Program Nursing

  • Not as impacted as the Traditional BSN program

  • 22-month program- cohort model

  • Admit approximately 132 students per year

  • Fall or Spring admissions

  • Program is offered on CSUSM or Temecula campuses

  • Different Fee Structure

  • Same School of Nursing faculty

  • Clinical placements can be in Temecula or as far south as San Diego

Differences between the traditional bsn and accelerated programs
Differences between the Traditional BSN and Accelerated Programs

  • Accelerated BSN Program may be a good alternative for students who have a less-competitive GPA in the Pre-Nursing Core, and are unable to get admitted to the Traditional BSN Program.

  • Accelerated BSN Program is a good alternative for students who still need to complete most of the Pre-Nursing Core science courses. All Pre-Nursing Core courses must be completed prior to being admitted to the Accelerated BSN Program.

Choosing another major and preparing for absn program
Choosing another major and preparing for ABSN program Programs

  • See list of Major/Minor Worksheets

  • Can major in any discipline to progress into the Accelerated BSN program, but need to have Pre-Nursing Core completed prior to entry, in addition to most of the required non-NURS courses

  • Most commonly chosen other majors are: Human Development, Sociology and Kinesiology (an impacted major).

Different admission timelines
Different admission timelines Programs

  • Nursing Programs offered through Extended Learning (self-support) and the School of Nursing (State-support tuition) have different admission timelines!

  • Traditional BSN and LVN to BSN:

    • Oct. 1 – Nov. 30 for following fall admit

  • Extended Learning uses a “rolling” admission policy

Two types of advising

Staff Academic Advisors Only Programs – Pre-Health, Pre-Nursing, Nursing, Liberal Studies, and Business

Faculty and Staff Advisors – for all other majors

Two types of advising

Residency info for nursing
Residency Info for Nursing Programs

International Students -- (must hold an F-1 Visa) have different University Admission policies and timelines. Course equivalency from colleges/universities outside of the U.S. will be determined by the University Admissions Office. In some instances translated course descriptions will need to be provided to the School of Nursing, especially for science courses.

Permanent Residency Visa Students who are not U.S Citizens – follow regular University Admissions policies and timelines. Course equivalency from colleges/universities outside of the U.S. will be determined by the University Admissions Office. In some instances translated course descriptions will need to be provided to the School of Nursing, especially for science courses.


Please move to a computer
Please move to a computer Programs

Open up your Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

Wait for our O-Team to demonstrate how to register

Presented by o team email set up and registration demonstration thank you o team