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SQL Server 2012 Big Data Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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SQL Server 2012 Big Data Overview

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SQL Server 2012 Big Data Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SQL Server 2012 Big Data Overview. Software Gainers & Losers. Microsoft is gaining wallet share How does EMC benefit?. Source: Piper Jaffray, CIO Software Survey, Nov. 15, 2011. Everything Changes in 2012. SQL Server 2012. Why should we care? MSFT #1 focus EMC Diamond Sponsor

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software gainers losers
Software Gainers & Losers

Microsoft is gaining

wallet shareHow does EMC benefit?

Source: Piper Jaffray, CIO Software Survey, Nov. 15, 2011

sql server 2012
SQL Server 2012
  • Why should we care?
    • MSFT #1 focus
    • EMC Diamond Sponsor
    • $5B Storage HW
    • 2,600 PB Storage HW
    • >85% on Entry-Level / Midrange Storage
    • >50% of Environments Replicated
    • >60% Deployed as New Project
    • 60% Virtualized
    • 90% of SAP deployments involve integration with Microsoft
  • What’s New in 2012?
    • AlwaysOn Availability Groups
    • Performance enhancements
    • New BI capabilities
    • Announced at Denali VLE
    • EMC Diamond Sponsor
  • Sales Plays
    • SAP replatforming
      • 22K SAP / Oracle seats
      • Legacy  Intel based migration
    • DW, SharePoint, Other apps
sql server 2012 delivers
SQL Server 2012 Delivers

Peace Of Mind At The Right Price


For All

Agility For

The Future

Create business solutions fast, on your terms across server and private or public cloud

Enable mission critical Performance, Scalability and Availability, Protection at low TCO

Unlock new insights with pervasive data discovery across the organization

why emc for sql server 2012 mission critical and cloud infrastructure leader
Why EMC for SQL Server 2012Mission Critical and Cloud Infrastructure Leader






19+ Gold and Silver Microsoft Consulting Competencies

Virtualization Readiness

SQL Server Migrations

VMware or Hyper-V Support

Optimized SQL Server Data Warehouses with EMC

From Insight-To-Action With Microsoft BI Tools and EMC Platforms and Consulting

3-4X More Performance

> 5 9’s Reliability & Availability

80% Faster Provisioning

Up to 10x Faster Backups

10-30x Less Backup Storage

Replicate/Recover In Minutes

why emc vnx for microsoft sql server
Why EMC VNX For Microsoft SQL Server


Tune SQL Server In 80% Less Time With

Provision SharePoint 4X Faster


Realize 50:1 SQL Server Consolidation Without Storage Bottle Necks With FAST Cache


Run Virtualized Microsoft SQLServer 3 Times Faster

All Flash VNX Delivers 10X SQL performance At 1/8th the TPM cost vs. All HDD VNX




Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Virtual Server


FAST Cache




fast vp for symmetrix vmax
FAST VP for Symmetrix VMAX

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Increasing Microsoft SQL Server Performance And Efficiency

  • FAST VP and Microsoft SQL Server
      • Up To 40% Higher Performance
      • 40% Lower Cost Of Storage
  • Present More Capacity In Less Time While SQL Server Applications Remain Online
  • Less Tuning And Management Required By SQL Server DBAs

SQL Server

SQL Server



sql server 2012 performance with vmaxe fastvp and alwayson availability groups local
SQL Server 2012 Performance with VMAXe FASTVP and AlwaysOn Availability Groups (Local)

Objective:Characterize performance & functionality of virtualized SQL Server 2012 using AlwaysOn replication

  • Run production TPC-E workload (baseline) with FASTVP enabled for Production only (no replica)
  • Create and enable availability group (Read-only secondary database replicas on FASTVP enabled storage).
  • Re-run same production TPC-E workload. Characterize the performance of both source & secondary replicas.
  • Execute read-only workloads (Analytics/OLAP) on the secondary replica
  • Achieve 30,000 IOPS
emc vfcache improves server performance

Server Flash caching solution that uses intelligent caching software and hardware technology to reduce latency and increase throughput

“Hottest” data accessedthrough VFCache in the server providing increased performance

VFCache benefits SQL Server 2012:

Lower database I/O latency by 60%

50% more I/O serviced within 1 ms

4X more transactions per SQL Server database

Perfect fit for OLTP workloads

EMC VFCache Improves Server Performance

Read Latency (Sec)

Transactions Per Minute (TPM)

vnx fast cache boosts sql2012
VNX FAST Cache boosts SQL2012


  • FAST Cache: 14 x 100GB SSDs
  • Working Set < FAST Cache
  • Results:
  • 5x Improvement of IOPS and TPS
  • 30 Minute Cache Warming


best practices first and foremost
Best Practices: First and foremost

Don’t over complicate things

Plan for performance not capacity

Plan for recovery and not backup

Maximize the technology you own

Understand the applications using SQL Server

SQL Server is just the database!

best practices
Best Practices

It might not be about performance

But when it is isolate…

Database Files RAID 5

Log Files RAID 1/0

Data Warehouse RAID 5 or 6

Group workloads of similar I/O together

a day in the life of sql server sql server storage i o
A Day in the life of SQL Server…SQL Server Storage I/O

Plan for user load peaks, not systematic peaks…

optimized backup and recovery for microsoft sql server
Optimized Backup and Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integrates easily and seamlessly into existing Microsoft SQL Server and all MS applications
  • Fast, online backup for Microsoft SQL Server databases with data deduplication
  • Optimized for large high-change databases
  • Keep more full backups online for rapid restore
  • All managed with a single interface
  • Built-In data replication for DR



Avamar Data Store

Avamar Client

DD Boost

Data Domain System

DD Boost

improve microsoft replication efficiency
Improve Microsoft Replication Efficiency

Automates management of point-in-time replicas on EMC storage

Application consistent replicas for Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange Server.

Ideal for physical and/or Hyper-V environments

Can accelerate initial seeding of AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Single management console with wizards for ease of use

Data Repurposing

Backup Acceleration

Instant Restore

Backup SQL Server data without impacting performance

“Gold copy” of production databases for instant restore

Copy production databases for analysis and/or Reporting

Replica #2

Replica #3

Replica #1

mission critical availability
Mission Critical Availability

SQL Server 2012 introduces two high availability options as part of SQL Server AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances

for instance level protection

AlwaysOn Availability Groups

for database protection

  • Multi-Database Failover
  • Multiple Secondaries (up to 4)
  • Active Secondaries
  • Integrated HA Management
  • Multisite Microsoft Clustering
  • Flexible Failover Policy
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Built for consolidation scenarios
multiple points of management for provisioning

SQL Server Provisioning - today

Multiple points of management for provisioning
  • Lookup best practices
  • Array Management Tools
  • Windows Server Manager
  • Failover Cluster Manager
  • Hyper-V Manager
  • SQL Sever Mgmt Studio

ESI Provisioning for SQL

purpose built configurations
Purpose-Built Configurations

Accelerate your SQL Server deployments

  • SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse
    • Working with Microsoft and partners designing cost-effective, balanced systems for DW workloads
  • Workload optimized storage configuration
    • High-Bandwidth and cost effective storage configuration (VNX 5500 Bandwidth)
    • High-Throughput flash performance storage configuration (VNX 5500-F)
  • EMC Proven Solutions
    • Well tested and documented realistic configurations
    • Whitepapers and Best Practices
emcc s comprehensive solutions
EMCC’s Comprehensive Solutions

Virtualizing Applications & Desktops

  • Key Messages
  • Centralized Computing Resources
  • Increased Standardization
  • Streamlined Management + Security
  • Increased Flexibility and Performance
  • Lower OpEx and CapEx Costs
  • EMC offers an End-to-End Solution
  • Plan: Strategy/Business Case/Assessment
  • Deploy: Design/Implement
  • Operate: Optimize/Support/Manage

EMC Global Services will develop customers’ end user computing solution that encompasses strategy, plan, design, and implementation to increase employee and IT productivity, reduce costs, and improve security by centralizing device management and enabling employees to access data and applications from anywhere and from any device.




Virtualizing Microsoft Applications

  • EMC Global Services will leverage its deep Microsoft Applications experience to enable organizations to develop, deploy, and operate virtualized Microsoft applications that are highly optimized for cloud environments to speed application deployment and increase scalability.
  • Virtualized Microsoft Exchange
  • Virtualized Microsoft SharePoint
  • Virtualized Microsoft SQL
  • Key Messages
  • Improved application performance
  • Exceed Application Service Levels
  • Streamlined IT management
  • Improved availability and disaster recovery
  • Reduced testing, dev time, costs
  • EMC offers an End-to-End Solution
  • Plan: Strategy/Bus.Case/Assessment
  • Deploy: Design/Implement
  • Operate: Optimize/Support/Manage
virtualizing microsoft applications
Virtualizing Microsoft Applications

EMC Application Transformation Services

Strategy & Assessment Services

Enterprise Messaging

Instant Messaging


Social Collaboration and Mobility

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Telephony Enablement

Network Conferencing



Advanced Analytics

Application Virtualization Services

Application Virtualization Services

Application Virtualization Services

Enterprise Messaging Archiving and Compliance Services

Upgrade and Migration Services

Data Warehousing

Migration Factory for Enterprise Messaging Services

Governance Services

Data Governance, Data Quality, and MDM

UC Services

SharePoint Services

SQL Services

tss application services
TSS Application Services
  • Next big play for SAP services is the support of Hana
    • Existing VNX Deployment and MPFS Module will be leveraged
    • Still determining if additional services could help with the solution sell for Hana
  • Future SAP services will support Landscape Virtualization Manager (LVM)
  • Microsoft services will be targeted at sizing and layout
    • Applicable for Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server
    • Also incorporate Jetstress Testing for Exchange
  • Must determine if there is appropriate market demand for HyperV services
    • Can build a suite of services similar to those recently built to support VMware
your feedback is needed to prioritize service development
Your Feedback is Needed to Prioritize Service Development
  • The following link will direct you to the TSS Portfolio Services kits that are currently available

    • Please provide feedback on the TSS Apps services that would be valuable to your customers
    • TSS Portfolio will be creative in terms of developing in the field, pilots, etc. in order to meet you needs

Thank You

Gary Ciempa, Global Practice Senior Director

(860) 638-9100

Charlie Haney, Americas App Infrastructure, Service Line Leader

(720) 873-7921

Peter Kovacs, Global Practice Manager

(631) 375-9036

Brant Hummel, Americas App Infrastructure, National Solution Principal

(267) 303-2997

esg sql solutions roadmap
ESG SQL Solutions Roadmap

First Half 2012

Second Half 2012


(779) SQL 2012 – DW


  • VNX 5500 BW Inyo (stripe element size tuning)
  • 50TB dataset – TPC-H/DS
  • Optionally Fast Track

(697) BI Suite – SQL2012+SP2010 (ColumnStore + Crescent)

(711) DR for SQL Server 2012

  • VNX 5700
  • Hyper-V v23
  • FAST Suite
  • Protection
  • VNX 5700
  • FAST Suite
  • RecoverPoint/CE


  • MSFT is the largest ecosystem and #2 in IT Budgets
    • EMC needs to ride the wave
  • Everything is changing in 2012
    • Windows, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, System Center
  • EMC’s sweet spot is around core infrastructure, application platform, data protection and services
  • SQL Server is sold through applications that use it, get to know the App Owners
  • EMC has best of breed solutions for local and remote data protection and free storage provisioning for Microsoft
  • When discussing Microsoft Availability Groups, highlight EMC’s strengths, support for SQL replication and deep Microsoft relationship
get smart
Get Smart
  • Everything Microsoft at EMC –
    • Ask questions of Microsoft Community
    • Find latest Solution Guides
    • Find latest Demos
    • Ask for help sizing Microsoft workloads
    • Dedicated page to SQL Server 2012

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