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Christine A nn V ella

Christine A nn V ella

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Christine A nn V ella

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  1. Christine Ann Vella Year 4.4 Science Five senses

  2. Five Senses • We have five senses they are the sense of touch, taste, hearing, seeing and smelling.

  3. Touch • Touch is the sense we use to feel things. • Thus we can tell if something is hot or cold, soft or harsh, wet or dry. • This sense is useful and helps protect us from injuring ourselves. • It also helps us to appreciate the things around us. I love caressing my soft pets and feeling my cozy soft blanket at night

  4. Taste • We taste food thus we can realize if it is sweet, sour or bitter. • We can tell if food is savory or sweet. • Spaghetti with meatballs is savory whereas strawberries are a sweet fruit.

  5. Hearing • We hear music and the beautiful sounds of nature. • The birds in the trees and the howling of the wind or the patter of rain on a stormy day.

  6. Sight • Sight is the sense of seeing. • It helps us to enjoy the beauty of nature , a rainbow after a storm, butterflies and flowers. • We use our sight to read and write and to discover interesting things. • We can also see TV and relax after a hard day of studying. • We also use our eyes to cross the road and keep safe.

  7. Smell • We smell through our noses and depending on whether the smell is pleasant or not we decide what we like. • We can smell the flowers in spring and the fragrance of perfume. • We smell our food and if it smells delicious we enjoy it more. But the smell I like most is that of hot chocolate. • The sense of smell can also protect us. If we smell smoke or other bad smells we can move away to safety.

  8. The End Thankyou