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  2. Family I have and older brother named Reece who is 22. I have a younger brother named Brenn who is 12. I have a mother named Heidi who is 40. I have a father named Jason who is 36.

  3. Other siblings I have a cousin named Dominique Powers who is 18. I have a cousin named Jared Powers who is 16. I have a cousin named Hannah Powers who is 14. I have a cousin named Mallory Powers who is 13.

  4. Background I was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Federal Way, Washington. I Go to Washington every year to see my dad who lives in Capalis Beach. I have a younger sister who lives there named Jayci who is 2.

  5. Cool Stuff My name was originally going to be Trey, but through my dads business, he met Ken Griffey Jr. and had a discussion about how was having me and what he was going to name me and Ken said that he liked that name a lot. Two months after I was born Ken had his kid named Trey and it was in the papers and my dad didn’t want people to think he copied him cause the name was unique and he made my name Devin and my middle name Trey.

  6. Food I like salad. I like Chinese food. I like pizza. I like chicken. I like seafood. I like steak. I like Cookie ‘n’ Cream Hershey drops. I like Food.

  7. Birthday. Height. Ethnicity. 12/19/93 in Seattle, Washington 5’11” ½ I’m German, I’m Indian (Blackfoot and Cherokee), I’m Norwegian, I’m African American, I’m Irish.

  8. What do I like to do. Hobbies. Write music. Play guitar & sing. Skateboard. Party. Do track. High Jump.

  9. If I had a million dollars what would I do? Spend it and give a lot of it away. Buy a house. Buy a car. Live big.

  10. Random I have abnormally big tonsils that are the size of quarters. I’m extremely double jointed. I like to party. My record for flipping a pencil around my thumb is 158.