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Pierre Auger Observatory. Cosmic Ray Showers. Virtual Organization auger. Data consistency checks. Distribution of files. Newly registered files in LFC. Pierre Auger Observatory is studying ultra-high energy cosmic rays, the most

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Data management for the vo auger

Pierre Auger Observatory

Cosmic Ray Showers

Virtual Organization auger

Data consistency checks

Distribution of files

Newly registered files in LFC

Pierre Auger Observatory is studying ultra-high energycosmic rays,the most

energetic and rarest of particles in the universe. When these particles strike

the earth's atmosphere, they produce extensive air showers made of billions

of secondary particles. Detectors are located near Malargüe, Argentina east

of the Andes Mountains.

When a cosmic ray particle reaches Earth, it collides with a nucleus high in the atmosphere, producing many secondary particles, which share the original primary particle's energy. The secondary particles subsequently collide with other nuclei in the atmosphere, creating a new generation of energetic particles that continue the process, multiplying the total number of particles. The resulting particle cascade, called "an extensive air shower," arrives at ground level with billions of energetic particles extending over a large area.

  • output files stored on different SEs

  • production files registered in the LFC and auger django dashboard

  • user files registered only in the LFC

  • Data consolidation in SimDB

  • All verified output files copied to 1 location (CC IN2P3)

  • Retries of file copy in case of transient SE failure

  • Inspired by the ATLAS checks

  • direct access to LFC db – faster MySQL queries

  • dump of SE content

  • cleaning of lost files

    • from LFC

    • from dashboard

  • 58 registered users, about 10 very active users, others use it just for data access

  • operated by CESNET (Czech Republic) since 2006

  • mostly used for organized production of extensive air showers simulation

Number of files on SE

Size of files on SE

14 sites are used to store VO auger data, 9 with significant number of files are shown. Many small files in Aachen are from older productions (before grouping all small files into bigger tarrballs) and from individual users.

The average size of files depends on the type of simulation.

Neutrino showers simulated during February and March 2010

produce small output files.

Data Management for the VO auger

Jiří Chudoba1, Tomáš Kouba1, Jaroslava Schovancová1, Jean-Noel Albert2

1 - Institue of Physics, AS CR, Prague, Czech Republic

2 - LAL CNRS-IN2P3, Paris, France

Simulation Library

Simulation Search Pages

  • Searches by simulation parameters from the database

    • Simulation Program

    • High Energy Model

    • Energy

    • Primary

    • Angles

      Support for shower simulations and simulated events

      Selection between Grid Simulations or SRB Mirrors

  • List of the Libraries contains details of the simulation libraries:

    • Program and Model

    • Date

    • Location

    • Number of simulations

  • Loaded from the database

  • Updated every 2 hours

  • Implementation:

    • Agued core

    • Java, JSP, Struts

  • CHEP 2010, Jiri.Chudoba@fzu.cz