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Organization and Teamwork PowerPoint Presentation
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Organization and Teamwork

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Organization and Teamwork
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Organization and Teamwork

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  1. Organization and Teamwork Excellence in Business, 3e

  2. EffectiveOrganization Structure Divide Responsibilities Distribute Authority Coordinate and Control Work Promote Accountability Excellence in Business, 3e

  3. Formal Organization Informal Organization Organization Chart Vertical Organization Chain of Command Work Specialization Horizontal Coordination Excellence in Business, 3e

  4. Board of Directors President & CEO Chairperson VP Marketing VP Human Resources Senior VP Operations VP MIS VP Finance VP Special Projects VP Advertising VP Grocery Operations VP Perishable Operations VP Bakery Operations VP Store Planning Regional Supervisors Regional Operations Regional Operations Area Supervisors Area Supervisors Area Supervisors Organization Chart for Food Lion Grocery Chain Excellence in Business, 3e

  5. Identifying Job Responsibilities Work Specialization Advantages Disadvantages Efficiency Boredom Productivity Alienation Excellence in Business, 3e

  6. Chain of Command Responsibility Accountability Authority Delegation Excellence in Business, 3e

  7. Line President Staff Legal Department Human Resources Department VP Finance VP Marketing VP Production Head of Accounting Department National Sales Manager Simplified Line-and-Staff Structure Excellence in Business, 3e

  8. General Colonels Majors Captains, Lieutenants Warrant Officers Pope Sergeants Cardinals Corporals Archbishops, Bishops Privates Priests Span of Management United States Army Roman Catholic Church Excellence in Business, 3e

  9. Decision-Making Authority Centralized Decentralized Top-Level Management Lower-Level Management Rich Experience Broad Vision More Responsive Faster Decisions Excellence in Business, 3e

  10. Function Division Network Matrix Organizing the Workforce Departmentalization Hybrid Excellence in Business, 3e

  11. Functional Structures Job Skills Resource Use Job Requirements Excellence in Business, 3e

  12. Departmental Barriers • Resource Allocation • Slow Response Time • Unified Direction • Ineffective Planning • Improved Coordination • Over Specialization • Better Communication Departmentalizationby Functions Advantages Disadvantages Excellence in Business, 3e

  13. Products Processes Geography Customers Divisional Structures Excellence in Business, 3e

  14. Flexibility Wasting Resources Better Service Poor Coordination Management Focus Divisional Competition Departmentalizationby Divisions Advantages Disadvantages Excellence in Business, 3e

  15. PUBLISHER Editorial Manager Production Manager Design Manager Book Team A Manger Editor A Production Editor A Designer A Book Team B Manger Editor B Production Editor B Designer B Departmentalization by Matrix Excellence in Business, 3e

  16. Departmentalizationby Network Advantages Disadvantages Lower Costs Lower Control Increase Flexibility Increase Vulnerability Boost Competitiveness Less Distinctiveness Excellence in Business, 3e

  17. Functions Divisions Hybrid Structure Network Matrix Excellence in Business, 3e

  18. Work Groups Work Teams Comparing Work Groups and Work Teams Shared Information Neutral Individual Random or Varied Goal Synergy Responsibility Skills Shared Mission Positive Individual and Mutual Complementary Excellence in Business, 3e

  19. Problem-Solving Self-Managed Functional Workplace Teams Excellence in Business, 3e

  20. Task Forces Special Purpose Committees Cross-Functional Teams Excellence in Business, 3e

  21. Maximize Diversity Employ Technology Promote Teamwork Virtual Teams Excellence in Business, 3e

  22. Working In Teams Opportunities Challenges • Higher-quality decisions • Increased commitment • Lower stress levels • Less internal competition • Improved flexibility • Inefficiency • Groupthink • Diminished motivation • Structural disruption • Excessive workloads Excellence in Business, 3e

  23. Size and Structure Sense of Purpose Communication Effective Teams Excellence in Business, 3e

  24. Creative Thinking Focused Efforts Consensus Effective Teams Excellence in Business, 3e

  25. Team Development Forming Storming Norming Performing Adjourning Excellence in Business, 3e

  26. Competition Evaluation Meeting Attendance Team Interaction Work Quality Goal Achievement The Level ofTeam Cohesiveness Excellence in Business, 3e

  27. Standards of Conduct Acceptable Behavior Set Limits Identify Values Clarify Expectations Facilitate Survival The Emergence ofTeam Norms Excellence in Business, 3e

  28. Causes of Team Conflict Scarce Resources Responsibility Issues Poor Communication Personality Differences Power Struggles Incompatible Goals Excellence in Business, 3e

  29. Avoidance Clear Goals Confrontation Well-Defined Tasks Defusion Open Communication Solutions to Team Conflict Resolution Prevention Excellence in Business, 3e

  30. Clarify the Purpose Select Participants Clarify the Agenda and Stay Focused Productive Team Meetings Excellence in Business, 3e

  31. Follow the Rules Promote Participation Close Effectively Productive Team Meetings Excellence in Business, 3e