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  2. The ACL Services Ltd. • ACL Services Ltd. is the leading global provider of audit analytics and continuous monitoring software to the audit and controls professions and the financial management community. • ACL solutions give organizations confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the transactions underlying increasingly complex business operations and in the effectiveness of internal controls.


  4. ACL For Your Industry • Using ACL technology, organizations can access, analyze, and continuously monitor 100 percent of their transactions from any source to independently verify the effectiveness of internal controls - in a fraction of the time once required.

  5. Banking and Finance ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Identify suspicious transactions • Investigate potential money-laundering activities • Audit operational and credit risk • Analyze loan portfolios • Manage fixed assets more effectively • Support regulatory compliance

  6. Business Services ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Increase efficiency to reduce hours necessary to complete external audit • Verify accuracy of a client’s AP files • Detect fraud • Assess effectiveness of client’s internal controls

  7. Education ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Identify potential grant compliance issues before the government agencies or other grantors do • Detect tuition billing errors while there is still time for remediation • Enhance oversight and controls monitoring of procurement-card programs • Analyze vendor contracts to avoid overpayments and missed discounts

  8. Government ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Test and verify expenditures • Increase procurement-card program efficiencies and monitor the use of p- cards • Support grants and tax compliance • Identify errors in social services and healthcare services claims and billings • Detect and prevent fraud

  9. Healthcare ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Analyze provider claims history relative to peer groups • Identify indicators of over-utilization, unbundling, and upcoding • Identify invalid or high-dollar charges and incompatible coding • Match laboratory procedure codes to appropriate billed charges • Test for duplicate patient billings and claim payments • Review single-day stays and same-day readmissions

  10. Insurance ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Support market conduct reviews and compliance initiatives • Highlight suspicious transactions to support fraud investigations • Analyze claims history to identify suspicious transactions and verify compliance with policy limits • Access and analyze mainframe and legacy data for improved audit coverage across critical business processes • Support regulatory compliance

  11. Manufacturing ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Conduct comprehensive reviews of key inventory controls • Identify errors, fraud, and inefficiencies within the purchase-to-payment cycle • Minimize financial risks of salary and payroll errors • Perform comprehensive vendor audits to enable more timely, cost-effective recovery of overpayments • Analyze enterprise applications to verify proper segregation of duties • Support compliance with regulations

  12. Retail ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Detect and prevent fraud • Build or complement an existing loss prevention program • Uncover opportunities to negotiate better supplier discounts • Support vendor allowance and rebate management • Improve inventory control • Streamline analysis of sales results—by branch or region, sales representative, or line of business • Support regulatory compliance

  13. Utilities and Telecommunications ACL technology solutions can be used to: • Support regulatory compliance • Improve controls environments • Reduce costs and improve risk management • Identify areas of potential revenue leakage • Increase audit efficiency and effectiveness • Detect and prevent fraud • Minimize financial risks of salary and payroll errors


  15. ACL Solutions • ACL has developed unique solutions for each level of Audit Analytic Capability that help organizations track effectively expand the use of audit analytics.

  16. Data Analysis • Improve your audit coverage and productivity • More Productive and Cost-Effective Analysis • Strengthen Audit Quality and Consistency • Access and Analyze Entire Data Populations

  17. Applied Analytics • Enhance quality and consistency by embedding analytics into audit processes • Identify Weak or Non-Existent Controls • Integrate Best Practices for Audit Analytics

  18. Managed Analytics • Conduct more efficient, secure and faster analytics • Organize for Greater Team Efficiency • Leverage the Power and Security of a Server • Improve the Quality and Sustainability of Analytic Work

  19. Continuous Auditing • Gain more timely insight into fraud, errors and inefficiencies • Provide More Value with Timely Insight • Create a More Efficient and Effective Audit Process • Expand Your Audits to Cover More Areas, More Often

  20. Continuous Monitoring • Reduce risk, lower costs and increase organizational performance • Enable Rapid Response to Fraud, Errors and Inefficiencies • Strengthen Financial and Operating Controls • Reduce Audit and Compliance Costs


  22. ACL Assurance Solutions (PRODUCTS) • ACL solutions combine powerful analytic technology with unparalleled expertise and have helped over 14,700 organizations worldwide to provide a higher level of business assurance. • For more than 20 years, organizations have relied on ACL technology and services to reduce risk, detect fraud, enhance profitability, and improve business performance.

  23. ACL Acerno(For the Investigative Process) • a Microsoft Excel® add-in specially designed for investigating results produced by ACL analytics • Purpose-built for audit, Acerno makes Excel more efficient for investigating audit findings and seamlessly integrating these results into working papers.

  24. ACL Acerno’s Functions: • Safeguard - Protect your data so that you don’t lose valuable analytic results. • Review - Generate top line statistics, categorize data and make calculations. • Document - Track the progress of your investigation and document evidence for potential findings. • Record - Move findings into Working Paper packages with one click and share results efficiently.

  25. On the Job: Acerno Supports Better Investigations • The ACL Acerno ribbon is organized into four different categories that coincide with typical steps an auditor goes through when investigating data. • Identify the Data • Understand the Data • Research the Data • Integrate into Work Papers

  26. ACL AuditExchange — The business assurance platform • AuditExchange is designed to overcome the challenges of data access, security and coverage that audit faces and, in turn, provide the business assurance that your organization needs. AuditExchange is a powerful, server-based technology that provides automated data access capabilities within an organized, centralized and secure environment, supporting the scheduling and automation of analytics.

  27. ACL AuditExchange Advantages • Data Access for Greater Audit Coverage • Do more with your audit resources • Enhance the value you deliver to the business

  28. ACL Desktop- Provide Complete Assurance • ACL Desktop is recognized worldwide as the leading stand-alone data analysis software for audit and financial professionals. ACL expands the depth and breadth of your transactional analysis, increases your personal productivity, and gives you confidence in your findings.

  29. ACL Desktop Advantages • Data Access • Data Integrity • Analysis of Large Data Sets • Ease of Use • Audit Specific Analytics • Display & Reporting

  30. Why Choose ACL over other software products?

  31. ACL pioneered technology that enabled advanced audit analytics and launched a commercial solution in 1987. • Today, ACL technology is used by over 14,000 organizations globally to conduct controls testing as a part of audit, compliance and risk programs. • ACL has maintained its ‘first to market’ lead.

  32. ACL has over 22 years experience successfully connecting to and extracting source data from any type of system. No matter what mix of systems you face, ACL can deliver. • Only ACL provides ease of scalability. • More organizations rely on ACL software and services to fulfill their transactional control testing needs than any other vendor. • ACL services team will quickly scope your needs, and select the tests that will serve you best.

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