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Acquainted with the Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Acquainted with the Night

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Acquainted with the Night
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Acquainted with the Night

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  1. Acquainted with the Night Robert Frost

  2. Acquainted with the Night This poem is focusing on a depressed life and the feelings it entails. The narrator experiences many hardships that causes them to have feelings of shame, loneliness, and depression. This poem can be interpreted in multiple ways and it is just the way you see it from your own perspective. Published in 1928 We did not enjoy this poem due the fact that that it made us sad to know that people do go through depression.

  3. Many of Robert Frost’s works have been interpreted as autobiographical, incorporating his love for the natural world in the thought and feelings of the speakers of his poetry. We believe that the speaker of the poem could be anybody that finds themselves in a depressed lifestyle. Someone who apparently like the narrator has had many failures in their life. Does not really have a specific age because anybody can suffer from sadness. The Speaker

  4. Directed to anyone in particular? The poem really isn't addressing anyone in particular. This poem is basically just stating the way a depressed person feels. Most people read this poem as dealing with the ideas of loneliness, depression, sufferings, and even contemplation of suicide. Everyone can relate to the feelings of isolation as most go through a period of such feelings.

  5. What the title emphasizes The title emphasizes that the author is very familiar with the darkness, depression, loneliness because he has lived such a dead life. Watchman The watchman is the poet’s conscience. The speaker’s unwillingness to meet his eyes suggests he does not want to explain the fact that he has taken the wrong path.

  6. Light The Cry Line (3) light is often being symbolic for hope the speaker has gone beyond hope in his depression. Line (8) The physical distance can be seen as a metaphor for the speaker’s emotional distance. Line (10) the speaker may have been rejected or rejected someone in the past. The night In most poems night is a symbol for death, which it very well could symbolize in this poem, but another metaphorical meaning to night is the speaker’s depression that he is most likely ashamed of. The speaker’s apparent shame can be seen in many lines. (5-6) (4) a time when the speaker’s depression was particularly strong.

  7. Repetition Although the speaker feels guilty, he is relatively indifferent and will most likely do what he feels guilty for again. This is affirmed by the repetition of the opening line as the last line of the poem. The theme of the poem is presented explicitive, with the speakers choice of diction, the reader is able to capture a vivid image of someone living a depressed life. Symbolic Representation The pattern of the poem can be a symbolic representation of the cycle of depression.

  8. Robert Frost • Born in San Francisco, California in 1874 • Father was a journalist and mother was a school teacher • 1892 Frost graduated from high school and attended Darthmouth College • Taught Latin in his mother’s school • In 1894 the New York Independent published Frost's poem 'My Butterfly' and he had five poems privately printed • In 1895 Frost married a former schoolmate Elinor White and had six children • Frost lost his father, mother, sister, and four of his children causing depression to come out in his poems • In 1963 Frost died being considered a kind of unofficial poet laureate of the US