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First Day Apartment Findings PowerPoint Presentation
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First Day Apartment Findings

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First Day Apartment Findings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First Day Apartment Findings

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  1. First DayApartment Findings Girls! I hope you are having a super great time ,and see you soon for new years! I took some time in the morning to look for an apartment for you girls. I got to tell you that it is kind of difficult to find an apartment of 3 rooms that it is not expensive! Still I will spend more time looking for options for you girls! Until we find something that fits totally with your criteria! In this presentation I put like 6 options from the ones I saw today. These are the ones that best fit your criteria. There where some other options that where too expensive or too shity. Hahaha So I hope you like them. But no worries, we will keep looking for more options until you find the one that you like the most! Actually I am having fun doing this! See you girls and have fun!

  2. Calle Arquitectos Notes I think this is the option that best fits your criteria! The only problem I see in this apartment is that it is of only 2 rooms. But the furniture is great, it has a lot of space, the social areas are big, very well located, it has a balcony on front, complete laundry, plus it has a empty space that can be used for anything! Here are the pictures! The apartment looks really dirty because the former inquilines where moving out today!

  3. Calle Arquitectos

  4. Calle Arquitectos

  5. Calle Arquitectos Balcony on front.

  6. Calle Arquitectos

  7. Calle Arquitectos Both rooms are the same size and they have the same bed.

  8. Calle Arquitectos

  9. Calle Arquitectos

  10. Calle Arquitectos Free space outside the rooms.

  11. Calle Arquitectos Option 2 Notes Another option, only 2 rooms, it doesn’t has laundry and it is more expensive than the other apartment. Not as nice as the other option. But here is so you can check it! Actually it is in the building that we where on the Halloween party on the roof! Remember? haha

  12. Calle Arquitectos Option 2

  13. Calle Arquitectos Option 2

  14. Calle Arquitectos Option 2

  15. Calle Arquitectos Option 2

  16. Calle Arquitectos Option 2

  17. Calle Arquitectos Option 2

  18. Calle Químicos 214 Notes This apartment is super cheap! $8,000 pesos 3 rooms! The furniture is kind of old, and the apartment has a weird smell, but I think it is because it hasn’t been used! It has a place for laundry installation. It is one of the only options that I saw of 3 rooms that it is not super expensive. Here are the pics!

  19. Calle Químicos 214

  20. Calle Químicos 214

  21. Calle Químicos 214

  22. Calle Químicos 214

  23. Calle Químicos 214

  24. Calle Químicos 214

  25. Calle Químicos 214

  26. Calle Químicos 214

  27. Calle Bachilleres Notes The good thing about this apartment is the price. $8,000 pesos with all the services included. But it is of only 2 rooms, it doesn’t has a washing machine or dryer, and it doesn’t has a balcony or terrace. But the furniture is nice. It has a washing machine and a dryer but it is for everyone and it costs the usage 20 pesos each charge! Here are the pics!

  28. Calle Bachilleres

  29. Calle Bachilleres

  30. Calle Bachilleres

  31. Calle Bachilleres

  32. Calle Bachilleres

  33. Monarca Calle Nápoles Notes Nice and modern apartments. Nice furniture and well located (but in the edge of Colonia Primavera). The bad things are the cost, it doesn’t has a personal laundry and it doesn’t has a balcony. The laundry machine is outside and as the past option it has a cost per use 15 pesos per charge! It also has security. Here are some pics!

  34. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  35. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  36. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  37. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  38. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  39. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  40. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  41. Monarca Calle Nápoles

  42. Paul and Arne’sApartment Notes You know this apartment! I just called today to see if it is available and it is! So just so you consider it. With the washing machine problem, you can buy one for $3,000 pesos I think!

  43. Paul and Arne’sApartment

  44. Adam’sBuilding Notes The owner of the apartment that you wanted gave me another option because it was no longer available. But indeed it was Adam’s building. She sent me some pics so you can see them!

  45. Adam’sBuilding

  46. Adam’sBuilding

  47. Adam’sBuilding

  48. Adam’sBuilding

  49. Adam’sBuilding

  50. Adam’sBuilding