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Metamaterials MEEN 3344 Christopher Acosta

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Metamaterials MEEN 3344 Christopher Acosta. What are Metamaterials ?. They are an assembly of several individual elements Engineered structures / split-ring resonators / LC circuits Primary research of meta-material investigates negative refractive index

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what are metamaterials
What are Metamaterials?
  • They are an assembly of several individual elements
  • Engineered structures / split-ring resonators /LC circuits
  • Primary research of meta-material investigates negative refractive index
  • Permittivity and Permeability have to be both negative.
  • the meta-material used has to be smaller than the wavelength

Electromagnetic waves

understanding how the speed of light traveling though a refractive index can describe how light or any other radiation propagates though metamaterials.

  • The greatest potential of meta-materials is the possibility to create a structure with a negative refractive index
  • Sub wavelength imaging which is produced by having a negative refractive index, an optical property creating a Super lenses
  • Phased array technology that could render perfect holograms on a 2D display
  • Cloaking devices, microwave invisibility cloaks
how do metamaterials achieve invisibility
How do metamaterials achieve invisibility
  • light waves can be guided by the metamaterials around the object and back to its original course
  • microwaves wavelengths are measured in centimeters scientists have the technology to create metamaterials small enough to manipulate them, moving waves around an object
  • Light wavelengths are measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter), and the metamaterials needed to block light must be even smaller than that
  • don't currently have the technology to manufacture materials on the small scale required to manipulate light waves
  • cloaking device would have to be arranged to manipulate light on the entire visible spectrum, because different colors exist on different wavelengths
  • Cloaking devices would plunge a person on the inside into darkness
  • By continuing research and funding for metamaterials, these challenges can soon be overcome
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