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The Problem

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The Problem
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  1. The Problem • Murree city is a famous tourist spot located about 30km from Islamabad. • Which is also known for production of delicious apples, pears, figs, plums and grapes. • Due to ignorance of locals a large number of fresh fruit goes to waste annually in Muree Hills. • Desiring to educate people about preservation of these natural resources in form of jams, jellies and marmalades. • Initially, starting this project from one village and then will gradually expand it to all over the city.

  2. Aiming to train people about preserving their resources through which they will generate income. Which will eventually improve their standard of education, health and over all lifestyle. • It brings an opportunity of creating new demand in market and making your natural blessings known to the world. • Furthermore , it will help them start a business by utilizing things which had been there for years. • The consumption of fruit will help to clean the environment as well.

  3. Theory Of Change • In the region of Murree this problem prevails for years. Lots of fruit goes to waste and hence causes loss to the owner. • Production of a crop depends on weather, sometimes its good and at times its less but still according to our rough survey approximately 40 kg fruit goes to garbage from every house. • By putting a little effort and using skill the people will be able to market a brand of farm fresh jams and jellies throughout the country. • And as a result whole social setup will be raised regarding education, physical condition of people and the environment.

  4. Social Impact • Our desired social change is to raise an over all living style of people and to preserve natural resource. • Planning to market these jams and jellies to let people know about the best quality of fruit we have in our country. • It will attract people to visit this area of country which will increase tourism and will bring several developmental projects for this area, which provides best natural goodness. • Measuring our social impact not only in monetary terms but also in other social and cultural values. • And in terms of the learning it will provide people about maintaining a healthy environment.

  5. Financial Summary • Our estimated financial need is Rs.40,000/- for four women which will include their training, raw material, packing, supply, and promotion etc • Training 5000/-(negotiating with some training institutes) • Utensils 6000/- • Sugar 500/- • Gas 300/- • Travel 2500/- • Supply 3000/- • Labels 500/- • Promotion, Bottles etc 2000/- • Preservatives 100/- • Colors 100/- • It is really hard to make estimations unless we apply things practically. • With brand name of MURREE ORCHARDS. • Starting this plan for one village but plan to gradually take it to other villages as well in future.

  6. Vision and Mission • The reason we want to set up this enterprise is to utilize natural blessings at maximum level. • To give people skills so that they can generate living for them selves. • To enhance their social setup. • If this problem is solved the families involved in it would have better options in life. • It will help to increase general social setup of those families.

  7. The Solution • Aiming to preserve the wasting natural resources. • Firstly, need to educate a few women about making jams and jellies in their homes, and then marketing those products through proper channels. • Intending to market our product initially in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. • With the passage of time, planning to extend this to other surrounding cities as well. • It will be better from the other similar products available in market because it will be using farm fresh fruits without chemicals and preservatives and artificial flavors.

  8. The Team • Our team consists of five members. Aaminah Masood, Munaal Tanveer, Nida Riaz, Noor-ul-Ain, Sarah Mufti • Planning to teach one woman from four houses from the village of “Potha Sharif”. • Teaching them about making and preserving of jams and jellies from fresh fruit. • Educating them about the marketing strategies they must use for a successful business. • Aiming to bring a change in society and to provide people with better opportunities in life.

  9. Thank You