i know a lot about norse myths n.
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I know a lot about Norse myths

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I know a lot about Norse myths - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I know a lot about Norse myths. By Linden. Table of contents. 1. opening 2.gods 3.characters of Norse myths 4.goddesses 5.Asgard 6.frost giants 7.closing 8.glossary. opening.

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table of contents
Table of contents
  • 1. opening
  • 2.gods
  • 3.characters of Norse myths
  • 4.goddesses
  • 5.Asgard
  • 6.frost giants
  • 7.closing
  • 8.glossary

I'm going to tell you about Norse myths. I'm going to talk about gods, goddesses, the characters, Asgard, and frost giants. Well lets get started with the book!


Gods are very powerful people in fact they are stronger then super heroes! some gods have weird names for example Tyr is a name of a god. Some gods have special powers like Thor. He is the god of thunder. There are many gods and girls cannot be gods. Gods can get married and have children but for a god they are allowed to have more then one wife! Not all gods have special powers some of them have very good battle skills. Gods are still very powerful.

characters of norse myths
Characters of Norse myths

One important character is Thor, god of lighting. He has a hammer if thrown at you automatic death. Also rides a chariot pulled by Goats. Odin the king of all gods and goddesses that live in Asgard. Father of Thor and Loki. Friggia wife of Odin. Mother of Thor and Loki. Favors her youngest Loki. Loki master of tricks, son of Odin and Friggia . Brother is Thor. Heimdall guardian of the Birfrost and the Rainbow Bridge. Frost giants arch enemy of Asgardiens. Leader is Jack frost real father of Loki


Goddesses are like gods but not gods. Goddesses are girls, Gods are boys. The most powerful goddess is Friggia. Goddesses have powers but they aren't as strong as gods. One of the most common powers they have is healing power. Goddesses always dress fancy unless you’re a warrior . What goddesses dress like is they wear dresses that are long. High heels to match the dress color and tights if they want. Some just wear normal cloths.

asgard asgard

Asgard is a place of peace, home to gods , goddesses and warrior gods. Asgard is the biggest place connected to the Birfrost that is connected to the Rainbow Bridge. Made up of Steel, Metal, Gold and Crystals. Just like a castle, there stands Asgard There are 3 towers on the castle those are wear the guards stand. Asgard is vary pretty. The goddesses plant flowers all around Asgard.

frost giants
Frost giants

Frost giants are the arch enemy of Asgardiens. They have powers of cold ice. Don’t touch them or they can freeze you! Loki is half god, half frost giant. Nobody really knows which side he is on. The Frost giants live in Jotunheim. Frost giants are practically made out of ice. They are so cold they are like dry ice


Well my book is done. My book is through. I told you about gods, goddesses and characters too Asgard and Frost giants. I had such a fun time writing this for you.


Birfrost – ( device at the end of the Rainbow Bridge)

Gods – ( powerful men)

Goddesses- ( powerful girls)

Frost giants- ( giants made out of ice)

Asgard- ( home of warrior gods)

Warrior gods- ( gods that fight)

Heimdall hem- i- dall ( guard of the Birfrost and Rainbow Bridge)

Jotunhiem- ( Where the Frost giants live) Jo-ten-hiem

Rainbow Bridge -( a bridge that is a rainbow)